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TouchStone Technology Consulting Ops. A LOW COST, Low Risk Business Partner in Automating your company, and bringing it from
"Good To Great" through the use of Modern Technology, Cloud Technology.

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TouchStone Technology Announces , TouchStone Technology University. A Learning Center for Computer Professional, and Think Tank supporting Big Data development, and Solution BUILDS.
TouchStone University will offer educational service around Big Data;
Including all Apache Open Source Family of offerings
Apache Hadoop
Apache Spark
Apache Camel
All levels of training will be conducted. Solution Development, and Proofs of Value will be Conducted at this Think Tank.
 join our page for more information.

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What is your opinion on the Dep of Basic Education decision to  REQUIRE use of MS Office and DELPHI as the vehicles for CAT and IT learning, despite a prior decision to use open source. Derek Keat's blog discusses this issue:

 Does anyone have an opinion? What will be the impact on the work of teachers  in schools in SA?

Good morning! Looking forward to the resources shared, discussions and connections that will happen over the course of today!

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Do we have a misalignment between the use of technology in primary/secondary/tertiary education? For an interesting read around problems with 'vertical integration' see

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Hi everybody,

Begin by watching this introductory video.

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Interesting developments in Kenya where  they are doing a pilot study and kids are given tablet computers loaded with multi-media version of Kenya's syllabus.

Now the question is what are the challenges they are likely to encounter?

Are you finding resistance in your organisation because of concerns about security and lock-in?

anybody interested in google apps for education should join the "Google apps for Education" communities on Google+...amazing resource and experience sharing!

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What are the issues you would like to discuss around managing technology in Education? One things I am trying to get my head around is the future role of institutions in terms of providing technology and you think the future is BYOD? and the institution will just provide support and a stable wireless network? will that work for us in contexts where not all students can afford acquiring their own devices? should we require all students to bring an internet enabled device to class to be able to teach, as Johannes Cronje says in his see presentation?  Is this fair on our students? Or absolutely necessary for them not to be left behind?

some interesting resources on this debate:
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