anyone wanna rp? +Amélie Moreau or +Pandora Fitzsimmons you two?

who wants to rp?

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Name: Pandora Fitzsimmons
Nickname: Deedee
Age: 16
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: straight
Relationship status: single
Crush: prefers not to say
Occupation: student
Likes: chemistry, books, inventing, friends, baking
Dislikes: interruptions, bad guys
Personality: clever, brilliant, socially awkward, kind, loving, caring, friendly, sweet, cheerful, polite, optimistic, emotional, trustworthy, loyal, compassionate
Skills: excellent biochemist, skilled engineer, amateur inventor
Family: Jemma Simmons, Leopold Fitz
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Name: John Rogers
Nickname: commander America
Age: 15 ( but really depends on the RP)
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: straight
Relationship status: nothing
Crush: classified
Occupation: sniper
Likes: Guns fighting and almost everything
Dislikes: Bullies, Germans, Nazis, Hydra
Personality: headstrong stubborn but kind and generous and gentle
Skills: sniping, hand to hand combat, some holograms and has been working on time travel some think he's gone crazy over stress of this one project of his and guns
Family: Father: Steve Rogers Mother: Natasha Romanoff/ Rogers

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Peter went to +Daisy Johnson 《Quake》​'s dorm to take her out on a date
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Wassup guys?
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