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Name: Zera Amerhest

Quotes: "Never Love Anybody who treats You like a Nobody"

Height: 5'5

Weight: 114

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Demon (She used to be Human)

Personality: Confident, Broken, Hot headed, Serious, Doesn't talk much, Doesn't show her loving side much,

Likes: Sitting in trees, Practicing her fighting skills, Walking by herself, Drawing

Dislikes: Girly Girls, Remembering her Past, Stuck up People, Dogs (Because she's allergic), Getting sad and emotional

Powers: Able to turn into her Dark side, Whenever she is in her dark side she can kill anything close to her with her mind, Can turn into a Shadow

Weapon: Ruby Dagger (She doesn't use it often)

Relathionships: She doesn't have any Family left

Pets: A wolf named Nightfall (First Pic)

Bio:When she was little, About 6. She had a older sister named Zandra. They were the only left of her family.They were part of a Royal Family. Everyone looked up to Zandra because she was the older sibling. Zandra always ignored Zera and focused on being a 'Ray of Sunshine' in the Kingdom.Zera began to hate her and grew colder every night. Zandra loved taking care of her Kingdom while ignoring Zera. Zera and her used to play everyday and laugh while their mother and father were still here.Now that they were gone Zandra ignored Zera and didn't even notice that Zera cryed every night thinking about her.Nobody in the Kingdom noticed Zera even once. They thought of her as a nobody and loved Zandra. One day Zandra noticed. She noticed all the pain she caused Zera but Zera had enough. Zandra wanted to apologize but Zera didn't have it. Her exact words were.."LEAVE MY ROOM NOW". Zera shut her out and now she was full of rage and hatred. Zandra leaned on the door and heard a faint panting sound from her room. The she slowly reached for the handle..Just as she put her hand around the handle, Her sister opened the door ..Only it wasn't her sister.A demon. Zandra's mind racing she looked down at her sister and a face of terror came across her face. Zera was fully transformed into her Demon. Zera screamed at Zandra and threatened to come closer. Zandra backed away and tried to reason with her."Don't do this Zera. I know your mad but.." "But what?! You never were there for me and you never will be! I will take over this Kingdom and kill you!" Zandra had nowhere to escape now,She was trapped.Zera came closer to her and said one last word "Bye" She killed her with her mind.Zandra now lying motionless on the ground, Zera smiled and grabbed her bleeding body and took it to the tallest tower and threw her off the roof. Everyone will think it was a suicide and Zera had nothing to do with it. Zera had to keep her powers a secret from everyone now.

5 Years Later
Shes 16 Now

Zera left her Kingdom and went on her own in the Forest.While she there she tamed a wolf and named it Nghtfall. Zera left her Kingdom in chaos in searching for a new King and Queen,Since she had no brothers nor sisters left. Zera still hates Zandra. She has chosen a new path for herself. She lives alone with her wolf and love it way better that her Royal life.

Sorry it kinda harsh and stuff..
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Name:Rileigh Goes As Ri
Species:Werewolf Vampire Cat

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i am jumping on the dance floor thing dancing like no one is watching
i am jumping on the floor thing and dancing

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i am the pink girl and the gray 3 eyed girl

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*I'm sitting alone in the rain and u ask me what's wrong * ((closed rp with +Ane Espi​)

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Likes:rain,clouds,and drawing,music,cats

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