first post for spellcasters on google

i made this group for spellcasters and other users looking for advice and instruction involving spiritual (spirit} problems we have in this day and age.I tried to include a healthy ntumber of spells for problems that seem to be too strong or complex to resolve by most users.I do ask/expect that if you are reading this you are responsible enough to know that controlling anyone/anything other that yourself is unexceptable.If you know you have someone controlled right now you need to devote all your time you have uncontrolling the spirits you controlled......and yes this means elemental spirits need to do this as well...there is more than enough support in the consortiums to handle any needs by elementals.i have studied both spellcaster and elemental so dont think for a second that i dont understand because i that i have covered that issue lets get started:

                         1}rules i make here are rules i require of all that wish to excell in both areas of spirits {spellcaster,elemental}
                                                            {bead}     {fire}

                          2}as the newest admin to the spirit bead "church" ......yes i said admin...i have very few changes to the original but the changes i do have will be put into practice as they are made.any compaints about my judgement regarding these changes/choices will be heard and discussed providing the spirit requesting has NO controlled spirits including myself and other admins that serve the "church"

fresh and new !!!!!   where is number 2 at ?????
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