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"Hope you die in a fire!!! I was left behind all the torture will unwind I was not that kind, you're story must told time for the main reaction breaking the mold time for the main attraction just gold," five nights at Freddy's songs and music is very pleasuring and sometimes scary cool. Hope you like five nights at Freddy's because you're about to get FREddy attacked to you haha! Five nights at Freddy's fans are very welcome here of all fnaf's games woooo!!! Okay okay I am calm now!!

Hello and welcome to Fazbear's family dinner to sister location fnaf's fans community and Here we do have rules so follow them or else your banned.


1.🎮: DON'T bully anyone we don't want anyone making someone upset.

2.🎮: Respect The Owners,Moderators, and Members please.
3.🎮: POST IN THE RIGHT CATEGORY Please post in the right category I don't want post mixed up.

4.🎮: If you are subscribed to me on YouTube and want to give me suggestions for five nights at Freddy's videos you can!

5.🎮: DON'T steal my art,anyones fanart,fanart of characters, or others art please don't steal anything from anyone. 

6.🎮: You can ship you're oc with any other characters if you want! But don't argue if the person doesn't like the ships you like.

7.🎮: DON'T share "reshare or you'll die post" or post that say "reshare or you'll die" please don't do that. Or you will be removed or banned!

8.🎮: DON'T Post stuff that is like porn please. I want any age person to join. (If it has them as sexually but no nude parts it is fine. I'll show a example of it in one of my post.)

9.🎮: Please No Flame War post please no arguing over opinions please okay.

10.🎮: If you ship a fnaf's characters with another character I will be fine with it.

11.🎮: Anyone who insults the community, calling us cringe or plan to raid will be Banned immediately no questions asked.

12.🎮: If you like fnaf's videos share them here too

13.🎮: please post everyday and share the community with other people okay

14.🎮: You must follow the rules of this community no matter what day it is.

15.🎮: you can post fnaf's request

16: if you want to roleplay you have to make a profile.


Reputation: (in the fnaf's highschool roleplay and the fnaf's roleplay)
Parents: (for the fnaf's highschool roleplay)
Bullied by:
Just a rival:

Have fun!! And hope you have a spokay day!

(Pictures don't belong to me)
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I will kinda do this with my version of Springtrap and golden Freddy instead of my oc.

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Springtrap: SAVE ME!

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+Golden Suger Cupcake Angel​
I apologize for the wait, I had other things to do Hey I finished.

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Well hello

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Springtrap(Dex): I still can't tell the different.
Golden Freddy(my version): Yes you freaking can I am not that stupid and your not that stupid.

(Dex is another name for my version of springtrap.)

+StrawberryAeris​ what do you think? (It was hard to know the colours of your version of springtrap and golden freddy.)
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Yodel hey he hoo. Gold excepts the flower.

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These are very funny to me
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If fnaf's art or videos are not yours credit the person or say in your post that the art Doesn't belong to you please.
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