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Hello, newcomer! My name is Bill Cipher: Demon of The Dreamscape! Here, you can RP and do other stuff. I wish you to make a profile first. I will approve it and I hope you have fun! Good day!

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Name: Zillah Ylva

Nickname: Silver

Age: 16 -18

Type: Human who can turn into a wolf willingly

Likes: running in the Woods, being free

Dislikes: being trapt, being hunted, killing she does when she loses control

Gender: female

Powers: She can change into a wolf, runs very fast, she has all of the instincts of a wolf though she can lose control and let her animal instincts take over her...Her weakness is Silver

Bio: Zillah was living with her parents at the age of 5 as she showed some wierd affections against anything Silver so people started to call her that, Silver also started to be able to turn into a wolf she already had wolf eyes some people stayed away from her just of her wierd eyes witch were white or Silver but like a wolf ... Silver was playing amongst herself being so young at the time she had no idea how to control anything and their was no one to teach her..So one night she lost control waking up the next day With both her parents dead the girl run away to find this person who helped her teach her how to control it, Zillah Just went by Silver no one know her as anything else it was once in a long time the accidents happen but only when she was unstable..She lives in the Woods of Gravity Falls no one questioned her odd appearance...She just felt like a monster
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Dipper gleeful is an alternate of Dipper Pines In the Show Gravity Falls which is a TV series about Dipper and Mabel Pines. In Reverse Falls, the series is about Gideon Pines (in Dipper's place) And Pacifica Southeast (in Mabel's place). The people in Reverse Falls are reversed like Wendy and Robbie. There is all sorts of side charters like Mermando. There are also some more main charters like Will Cipher (Bill Cipher), Buddy Pines (Buddy Gleeful), and Stanford or boss to Dipper and Mabel. And Stanley Gleeful (Stanley Pines)


Dipper, like his sister, is almost always seen wearing shades of blue. Dipper wears a light blue shirt, with black pants, accompanied with a belt and usually seen donning on a cape, with the symbol of the twin's telepathy on the back. In some fanart, he is seen to be wearing a pair of blue earrings, similar to his twin. Just like Mabel, he always wears his amulet, his being in the form of a bolo tie. But even without his amulet his intelligence and cruelty make him a still powerful danger.

Dipper's first and real name is Mason, but got the name "Dipper" from a birthmark on his forehead that looks like the big dipper constellation. Unlike his Gravity Falls counterpart, he doesn't care if

people judge him for it and doesn't bother to cover up, leaving his hair brushed or slicked back.


Like his sister, Dipper has a lust for power and enjoys the pain of others. He is often seen to be either cold and unfeeling or simply disgusted towards the affection of others. Seemingly, the only person he shows any sign of actual care for is in his sister and partner Mabel, but even that has its limits.

Dipper is extremely intelligent and sly, being able to fool the town into believing him to be a kind and benevolent young man and able to manipulate others (usually the several girls who have crushes on him) into doing what he wants. This makes him a great threat, even without his amulet.

However, unlike his sister, Dipper is seen to be slightly more stoic, serious and more disgusted of those he's deemed pathetic or weak, rather than sinisterly amused like Mabel has shown to be.

Both Dipper and Mabel are obsessed with magic, specifically black magic, and will use their shows as means to continue their studies about their magic. With his sister, they will secretly kill/use people who 'volunteer' during a show. The one who volunteers will be given a challenge. While the audience is still watching, Dipper and Mabel will use their powers to make the volunteer look 'alive' by making the volunteer move and even when they are already dead.
After the show, when the audience is gone, he and Mabel will secretly hide the volunteer's body to later use in magical practices and experiments.

Name: Dipper Pines

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Crush: unknown

Likes: Mabel friends family (secretly bill)

Dislikes: bill and anything to do with him

Bio: N/A

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Name: Mabel Gleeful

Age: 17

Crush: open

Personality: Mabel is cold hearted she doesn't really care about others or their. She appears to be shallow to others and refuses to open up to anyone even her brother.

Species: human

Friends: no one

Enemies: basically everyone else

Where you live: gravityfalls

Family: dipper gleeful, Stan and stanford gleeful

Siblings: dipper gleeful
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Hello everyone! My name is Unknown Dreamboy and I enjoy RPing as a human teenage Bill Cipher. I don't have a specific AU so I'm open to different RPs involving human Bill. It's nice to meet you all and I'm always free to RP if anyone is interested! ^^

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Repost of Pacifica southeast :P
Name:Pacifica southeast
Gender Female
Age 13
Personality Silly,cheerful,friendly
Likes: Her unamed chicken,bright colors,Gideon pines (as a friend)
Dislikes The gleeful twins
Bio: Well not much.. I live in gravity falls. I err live with my moms friends son Gideon pines.err I get bullied by the gleeful twins.. That's really I all have to say.
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Before I make a profile should I make my OC related to a Cannon character?
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Name: Mabel Pines
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kind, Annoying
Crush: none
Relationship status: Single
Likes: Sweaters, Romance, Sparkles, Ponies, cute things,being silly, halloween etc
Dislikes:People messing with her brother, being insulted by Pacifica Northwest,losing her cuteness and the Northwest family

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oH iLl tAkE yOu aWAy tO mY lANd oF pLaY
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