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Expectations for behaviors in our club:
1. Be real. Don't afraid to speak out your opinion.
2. Be courteous and respectful to each other, even though you may not agree with each other.
3. Be active. Participating in group discussion is highly encouraged.
4. Be resourceful. Posting related materials from Youtube and other website is highly encouraged.
5. Protect your privacy. 

I liked the movie but I wish it told you if they ever carried the dad to the grave or not

This was a very exciting film to watch. I have some questions though like what happened after? Did they carry the dad to the grave yard?

Why didn't another teacher replace the one that left the village?

I really enjoyed the movie however I wish it showed more of them later on in life. How old was the son when he was telling the story?

I am Austin Chuang
what causes the teacher to get taken back into the city?

I think this film was extremly fun to watch. Easily the best film I have ever seen. However I wish they showed what happened to the lovers later in life. Like did they have kids? If so what are the kids names? These are things I would love to know.

What ever happened to the grandma?

I enjoyed the movie, but I wanted to know more about the son and their life later on.

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Hey everyone, it was wonderful to watch the movie" The Road Home" (aka, My Father and Mother)with you guys last week. Even though Zhao Di( the female character) and Mr. Luo( the male character) did not  say"I love you" to each other through the whole movie, I can still feel the eternally profound emotion between them. This is the one of the most romantic movie I have ever watched( and I have watched a few!)

I would like to hear everyone's opinion about this movie and share what you have learned through watching this movie. 
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