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Piston Quiz Point Scoreboard:
95 Fan = 3
Abg 13 = 9
Alien Cars Fan = 5
Astro Smokey = 22
BlamCO HD = 7
Cameron Evans = 1
Cars2006 57 = 1
Cars Reviewer = 4
CarsRobert = 4
Charlie Adams = 4
COOLection TV = 3
Crystal Caden = 5
DeeJay = 4
Diecast Reviews = 8
DiisneyGunner = 16
Dusty Vanderson = 1
EpicGreenThunder = 10
EpicLightning95 = 6
EWicken = 5
FauxWheelDrive 7 = 5
Finn Silver 16 = 7
General Golem = 2
Interstate 290 = 11
Jeremy Kerstein = 5
Jonathan “Jon” = 3
Joshua V = 9
JE = 2
JScars8 = 15
Kallen Wright = 5
Kieran’s World of Cars = 12
Lumbud84 = 15
Max :u = 5
McFrozenNuggets = 13
NK cars10 = 6
Pixar and Nintendo Fan 2206 = 1
Ponchy Wipeout90 = 27
Sam Brice = 5
Sensei Luminous = 8
Superbaddy4 = 2
ThisCreeperMC = 11
Zav S TV with TOY & GAME - LECTION = 14

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Today's scores from a local grocery store! I am keeping Sheriff, Mario Andretti, Rip Clutchgoneski and Max Schnell on card.

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For this post I want to focus on my second favorite die-cast series, Race o Rama. This series is super nostalgic to me and its where I think the Cars line really got going. Before the background characters we got were, for the most part, racers and their pitties. But once Race o Rama dropped, Mattel released a ton of other characters, like Greta or, my favorite release of all time, Todd (pictured below). Another big part of this series was its video game, Cars: Race o Rama, the video game was a welcome addition to not only the DS library (pictured below), but versions on the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. For a lot of older Cars fans this series is one of the most memorable, and for good reason. A phenomenal line up of characters released along with a good, though not as good as the 2006 console Cars game that tied in with the movie, makes Race o Rama one of the best series for die-casts
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New 2018 single found in Coles Melbourne by Bec N Blake!

Credit to her for the original image.

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New mini racers!
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I made a Mickey Mouse Face out of Disney Cars Diecast!
But with the 95 on the middle.

I made that because today’s the 95th anniversary of Disney.

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I just received this really cool pack with Harvey Rodcap! They have been available on Amazon for a little while now, but I missed out on it the first time when it was released. I’m glad I have him though because he is one of my favorite next gens! Hopefully the 5 pack with Aaron Clocker’s price will go down a bit so I can complete all the 2017’s. Also Cruz Ramirez’s decals are metallic. Are there any variations of this pack without the metallic decals?
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Recent scores.
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Quiz 101: When was Alex Carvill first released as a die-cast?

(1 point)

Good luck!
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