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I recently launched my app, go vj, to the App Store for iPhone.

It allows your phone to become a touch based A:B mixer (like a modern V4 :) ).

I'm interested in knowing what people here think, and any features they may like to see in future updates !


Dave W

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Hi!!! i'm developing an VJ software, to improve this project i need your help! could you share this survey in you site or your fan page!!


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ThinkingParticles Currently 6.2 features all new launch.

Today's amazing Tutorial on the 'gas propeller' operator node: see 
(pls cebasVT access YouTube channel for the previous two Tutorials)

For TP 6.2 more info on powerful new features and enhancement:

Interviews / TP Testimonials from experts working in the industry: ? pid = testimonial_readmore

Is thinkingParticles easy to learn - not any more harder than the rest - but V / FX Artists can definitely do more complicated stuff in simpler ways with tP, see what our emerging talent have to say: http: // cebas. ? com / index.php pid = testimonial_newtalent


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hellooo calling for VJs!!
#‎Call4VJs‬ ► ‪#‎KinoKitchen‬ ‪#‎BYOB‬◀ at Freeze Fest aneb Kultura Jinak 2015 11-13.9.2015 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
2nights DIY exhibition hosting VJs & their projectors
wanna join? write to for more info
v ramci freezefestu organizujeme Bring Your Own Beamer
totiz poskitneme prostor pro DIY vystavu VJu, kde kazdy VJ prinese vlastny projektor
muzes tam vystavit niaku instalaci aneb si zahrat u consolle, performovat, proste udelat cokoliv te napadne.
krome technicke pomoci, muzeme ti nabidnout jidlo a nejake piti behem festivalu+mensi prispevek na cestu a vstup zdarma na cely Freezfest pro tebe+1.
zde fotky z minulych BYOBu 25.01.2013 24.05.2014 18.10.2014

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Hello fellow VJ and Video Artists! We're from Brooklyn and have been trying to get our newest show out there- we are a EDM Producer/VJ Duo and do 3D Projection Mapping to accompany the whole show. We'd love some feedback! Thanks so much!

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Greetings everyone.  I wish to share my latest work with everyone.   I am looking for collaborations.

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New Beginning /// live session part 1 /// FTVision 
#lovevisuals #loops4vjs #vjs4vjs
content available on:

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