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Bending Abilities:
Other Abilities: (spirit connections, spirit skills, etc. only add this if you have a spirit connection)

Appearance: (pics preferred)
~Body Type:
~Typical Clothing:

Prized Possession:

Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status:
Significant Other:

Backstory: (Must include who your parents are if you are a hybrid bender. Must be at least 3 lines to be approved)

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Name: Takami Uchida
Nickname(s): Kami
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Nation: Traveling
Bending Abilities: Fire(including lightning), water(including ice but not blood), air
Other Abilities: Immortal

Appearance: (pics preferred)
~Hair: white
~Eyes: Greyish Brown
~Body Type: Built
~Typical Clothing: His Red Overcoat(Holy shroud) and Fighting Gear

Personality: Intelligent, quite, dark
Likes: Quite, solitude
Dislikes: Pity, crying, people who don't try
Weaknesses: Temper
Prized Possession: None

Weapon(s): Two swords and A Bow and arrow.
Pet(s): None
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: single
Significant Other: None

Backstory: My parents were Mako and Korra, I was born in the frozen north and as I born I became so cold my hair turned white. I was near death and would have died had it not been for my mom, she pulled me into the spirit realm and kept me there for a while, I was confused and distraught, what was this strange place and why did it pull at me. A strange wolf beast attacked me and my mother but for some reason didn't harm be, it binded to me and I accepted it, I took its life force and continued to travel the earth through the centuries.(but anyway back to the story) My mother and my father kept me warm throughout the cold of the blizzard, my mother would not let me go. As I grew older I began to show signs of my mother's powers, I could use more than one element, the first I learned was fire and my father helped me master it, next was water and ice, my mother gladly showed me, then was air, my mother, though she was the avatar, wasn't very fluent in air bender. I traveled off to find air nomads, I found them by accident on a mountain, we'll it was more like they found me because I was lost. For some reason i could never learn earth Bending, it never stuck, it never worked, but who cares anyway. 
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+Cait Maxey
I sit on a bench just by the outer wall of Omashu. I eat a slice of melon I bought from the store down the street, enjoying every sweet drop on this warm day
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Anyone wanna RP?
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((Open rp))

Samirah sat quietly next to a pond, making little figures with Earthbending in an attempt to cure her seemingly never ending boredom, when Y/N approached.

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Name: Samirah

Nickname(s): None

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Nation: (Traveling)

Bending Abilities: Earthbending; Sandbending; Metalbending; Lavabending

Weapons: None, only uses bending

Other Abilities: Spiritual Connections

Appearance: Dark brown hair; green, hopeless eyes; pale skin.

Story: Born in Earth Kingdom, but left, seeking adventure. Born an orphan. She'd always been in touch with the spiritual realm. She hasn't trusted anyone and has never made a friend in her life because no one ever wants to speak to her.

Personality: Generally quiet, likes reading and writing. She has no obvious weaknesses, she'd only tell someone close. Her most prized possession is an amulet linking her with the spirit realm.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

(I thought i already made a profile but i guess not)

Name: Armando Cruz
Age: 16-18
Gender: Male
Bending power (forgot what's it called): Airbending
Hight: 6,2
Weight: 152

((+Astrid Hofferson)) He nods & noses the Nalinx family back into his saddlebags
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