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I am just wrapping up a conference on aging and one of the topics of note is the need for cellular simulation of disease for rapid therapy development. Some simulators exist, but they are a ways away from human cells yet and general utility to even the most talented biologists. So it is time for technologists to come together to help out.

To wet your appetite, go to
Click "Start" on the upper left hand menu area to view a pre-calculated biologically "complete" simulation (128 linux nodes around 10 hours to crunch) of M. genitalium the bacteria of relative simplicity (can you say unit tests?!).


Our wiki in GitHub -- you need access to this private repo to see it

+Persa Zula +Jeff Schuler check your email - KeePass database has been created; call me for master password to start using it

Moving discussions to Dispatch -- if you have not gotten an invite, let me know.

We'll need to move our hackpad notes to the GitHub Wiki. I'll get started on this :)

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Here is hackpad for the notes from our meeting today!

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Alan Williams: The Revolution Will Be Prototyped

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Here's a recap on HackNEO! Want to get involved? Come to the next meetup!

Hey everyone! We're going to give Google groups a shot. Seems a little more interactive than a mailing list, and allows for quick shares and categorization. I think this can be awesome!
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