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Rocky ruffled mountainous structure
rocked and shaked by soul fissure
wandered with

questions filled, inquire nature
of twinge and unexpected sore
walloped with

whiff of fresh air, the manly figure
wallowed and surged with pleasure
wobbled with

hugging himself as "tarn", share
an exotic art of feminine figure
winked with

joy as manly figure
to grasp and clasp
the feminine figure...........!


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Raindrops on my nails... Tutorial is now up on blog..
Do check out here..

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This week on the blog: I share my thoughts on why you should donate to and/or volunteer at charity organizations. 

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#Rakshabandhan is here... Haven't you planned yet, what to #gift 🎁 your darling sister? Don't worry, we are here to guide you..😊

Hence in today's post we have mentioned 5 best gifting ideas for your dearest sister 💜💛... Check the blog here

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Now THAT's me being profound :)

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wading through knee deep stream,
crystal clarity of its see through water, pebbles beneath stemmed together encircled within, fish of vibrant colour, roam

whirling and swirling with eddy movements,
stepped in I by accident with a splashing
harmony of it whizzed out with fizzles
made fish amok with berserkly, fumblings

pellucid and clear mind of mine gets
disturbed with the scene of serene
agitated and stirred, blamed my rejoices
of selfish nature that, snatched away, smiles

pellucid tunes of nature.........!


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This year I have only two stories destined for anthologies. One is for a summer anthology, due out soon, another a children’s book scheduled for Christmas.

This is the lowest number of stories I have given for inclusion into collective tomes for several years.
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