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Hello Agents!

Thank you for attending MD Kamnik, we hope you had a great time - we sure did!

For a great story we need also some photos, share your favorite photos with us in this section!
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just forwarding some public photos
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Agents are already in Kamnik, here are the first pictures!
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Agents, we are happy to announce that we can offer you free entry to Museum Zaprice. Show your scanner between 11:30 - 13:00.

The visit will also be included in the free guided MD tour.

Mission Day Map:
We suggest you do the missions in numerical order.

Schedule for Saturday, April 7th:
19:30-late Pre party - Pub pod Skalo -

Schedule for Sunday, April 8th:
08:00 Arboretum Volčji Potok ( opens with 6 missions - show your scanner to get 50% discount, the park closes at 20:00 (last entry at 19:00)

11:00 meet-up & group photo - Glavni Trg - Zavod za turizem, šport in kulturo Kamnik -

11:15 start of free guided MD tour that covers 12 missions - Main Square -

11:30-13:00 free entry to Castle Zaprice Museum -

12:30-14:30 tea/lemonade/schnaps break - Castle Katzenberg-

14:00-16:30 Registration (check-in) - Kavarnica na Glavnem trgu -

17:30-late After party - Pub pod Skalo -

E-mail for early/late check-in:
Screenshots of at least 12 completed missions have to be submitted before the end of Sunday, Apr. 8th!

The schedule may be subject to change, please check this post on Sunday morning.

*optional, you only need to complete 12 out of 18 missions in total.

1. MD: Kamnik, Franciscan Monastery: 1474
2. MD: Kamnik, Park Evropa: Plecnik
3. MD: Kamnik, Zaprice Manor: 14
4. MD: Kamnik, Šutna street: 1673
5. MD: Kamnik, Mali grad: Mohor
6. MD: Kamnik, JB Tito's Gym & Old Square: 1911
7. MD: Kamnik, Main Square: 1955
8. MD: Kamnik, Plečnik's Bridge: Rudolf Maister
9. MD: Kamnik, Keršmančev park: Kurhaus
10. MD: Kamnik, KIK and Dom Kulture: Kik
11. MD: Kamnik, Rudolf Maister and Medvedova street: 1869
12. MD: Kamnik, Žale cemetery: Vojanov
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