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is it weird that it took me a long time to make this xD

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this one took a while because his smile is so god dam big xD

Guys..give me anime character or a cartoon and ill make something funny out of it

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Why has this group been so quiet,maybe you guys should get on a elevator to lift your spirits ;)

When I get naked in my bathroom, the shower usually gets turned on.

I haven't been coming I'm here for a long time so hi

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New yandere Sim oc :P
I made the oc! Sorry if it looks a bit bad..
Name: Utsuki Suburashi
Age: Around 18
Height: 5'3
Personality: Bubbly, envious, ambitious
Crush: ???
Strength: Incapable of self-defense
Description: Can get jealous easily, it is unknown who though.
Dislikes Megami Saiko for unknown reasons.
Has a weird addiction to rasperries.
(Edit: Fixed the desc)

laying on the ground, thinking about stuff
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