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Welcome to Festival City, where the grass is only partly green and the sky is pretty. This here is a special Roleplay community with a world set in a parallel world to Earth. The city is having a large-scale festival, thus the name(for the sake of roleplaying, is pretty much a constant). The festival has several different ways to participate, but only the most efficient players can successfully complete the challenges.

Let's start with the rules.

{Basic Rules}

1. This community is designed to be a lighthearted experience, or at the very least a positive one. While criticism is expected, please try to be kind to others, and have patience with the mods over things that they may not be FULLY equipped to deal with.

2. Try to not be too edgy, please. Read the rule above, this is a happy place.

Here're the complex rules, please read them, too:

{Links To Stuff}

The Community Hangout:

Stat System:

Profilio Templateru:

Boss Fights/Request System:


1: Listen to the Owners and Mods and respect their decisions. Do not curse us out because you do not agree with us, unless of course you want to be banned or otherwise blocked by us, further limiting the approvals of your profile.

2: Respect your fellow Members, please. That means no bullying or offensive behavior outside of a roleplay. If you persist in doing so you have to be banned.

3: No spam posts or sharing communities without OWNER permission (This is an insta-ban, but it's only 24 hours).

4: Please make a profile before roleplaying and tag a profile mod so it may be approved.

4.1: Minimum Lines on a profile must be 30. If there is only 1 or 2 less we will consider it, but anything below that will not be approved and you will be asked to extend the detail.

4.3: There is a maximum number of self-made weapons a character can have: 3. Your character can only have up to 3 weapons you made yourselves, this is to encourage shop purchases.

5: NO Godmodding, Autohitting, Mary Sues or overly OP characters. They must have weaknesses or A weakness. HOWEVER, if your stats such as speed and weapon skills are significantly higher than your opponents, there will be exceptions where you will be able to hit them(though this gap will not be explored with base members).


7: LEVEL OF DETAIL IS ALSO IMPORTANT!!!! From this point on, there is a LINE MINIMUM FOR ROLEPLAY STARTERS: You must now have at least 5 lines, or 4 full and complete sentences on every Roleplay starter, otherwise it will be removed from the community and you will receive a warning. 3 warnings = penalization which means a disapproval of your profile until the issue is corrected.

8: Regarding Rule 7, you don't need to apply your own physics engine when fighting others, if you dodge something you shouldn't have by the metric of the fight and setting, you will not be favored if a mod needs to be called in. Try to stay realistic, and if you're cornered, take the hit and learn from it.

BANNED Abilities:

Esoteric Energy Manipulation

Time Manipulation(Of any form)

Life-Force Manipulation(with the exception of Aura/Self Life-Force Manip, since those pertain to one's own Life Force)

Telekinesis(RESTRICTED TO INANIMATE OBJECTS, which does not include the stuff your enemy is wearing or the weapons they wield)

Existence Erasure

Molecular Manipulation(Self-explanatory)

Motor-Skill Manipulation(of living beings, works on the undead)

Spatial Manipulation(save for Portal Creation and Summoning)

Cosmic Manipulation(of any form)

ANY FORM OF OMNI ABILITIES(No exceptions, nothing Omni is allowed)

Primordial Force Manipulation

Conceptual Element Manipulation

Absolutions(of any form)

Almighty Magic

For anyone wondering where all these abilities came from:

What is this?

And so, the community is to be revived tomorrow.

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Aside from not having a name... or categories, I think this place is mostly done... though it is also dead.

\\ Member Suggestions Corner //

This post is here for members who have either criticisms or ideas to the community in general. No hostility, please.

New stuff coming in a while, new name, and possibly stuff

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\\ B O S S E S: the big, the bad, the ugly, and sometimes the fodder. //

Bosses introduce a way to earn the stats. Not every "Boss" is necessarily a boss fight, however, and some are just small monsters that are available for being hunted in exchange for currency. There are certain tiers of Bosses, as well.

Tier 1: Basic small monsters and creatures, typically infestation types.

Tier 2: Human-level monsters and creatures.

Tier 3: Intermediate monsters and creatures, usually like animals the sizes of wolves, tigers, lions and the like.

Tier 4: Large monsters and creatures typically over 2 meters tall, with decent difficulty to them.

Tier 5: Giant monsters, ranging from actual giants to dragons, to even mythical beasts. These bad boys are not to be taken lightly.

Different bosses produce different amounts of rewards depending on the creature. Most bosses reward special items that increase the user's stats, while others may simply be weapons or armor.

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\\ S T A T S : How they work and how they benefit you. //

Each member starts with 500 stats, as stated on the profile template. While you don't NEED to get stronger, there ARE ways to do so, but you will not find them here.

Why do I need to use them?

The stat system is a mandatory aspect of the community if one wishes to participate in combat. It is possible to be a member and roleplay in the community without stats, but combat is strictly monitored for fairness purposes(since it's such a divisive aspect of roleplay).

What are the different stats?

In Festival City there are 3 esoteric stats that have no value outside of their number(meaning if your character is mach 2, then your adversary who has equal speed won't be affected by the statement).

The 2 specially detailed stats are Armory and Power. Power dictates how many abilities your character can have, while Armory dictates how many weapons.

Duels vs. Brawls

Combat in Festival City is mostly treated as a hobby sport rather than being all too battle oriented. There are such times when a personal dispute can't be settled in the fairness of an arena though, even with the already light regulations.

Duels: are moderated by an Owner or Mod, and have rules made by and agreed upon by the participants and the third party. These fights are specifically monitored by the Festival itself, and are purely non-lethal bouts. In some cases a Moderator's judgment will end a fight early based on how things look. While it's possible to come back from a disadvantage, the judgment of a Moderator means you can't get mad if you DO lose even with a disadvantage.

Brawls: have no set rules, but still REQUIRE both participants to consent. The fight is over based on the judgement of the participants. If a participant(without a warning to the other) doesn't respond within 48 hours, the active participant will be granted free reign over the outcome of the fight(meaning characters can die). Moderators will be required to stay out of Brawls, and can't stop a fight unless autohits and godmodding are specifically involved.

Neither of these grant stat points.

Importance of Stats

Stats themselves don't have set importance, meaning speed doesn't translate directly to anything, same with strength and Durability. The only exception is the "armory" and "Powers" stat.

Armory Stat: This stat dictates how many weapons your character can have. For every 10 points placed here, you can have 1 weapon on your character.

Power Stat: This stat dictates how many abilities your character can have. For every 10 points placed here, you get 1 ability or power(this pertains to anything that isn't human, super vision, super reflexes, literally anything placed in powers/abilities in the template).

The stat value you can have is a set number, and the only way to increase these(though you really shouldn't need to) is to defeat bosses with your fellow RPers.

\\ P R O F I L E T E M P L A T E //

{} B A S I C S {}






{}A P P E A R A N C E {}



-Hair Color:

-Eye Color:

-Body Build:

{} C O M B A T {}

Abilities: Explain the details of your character's powers.

Weakness(es): REQUIRED AT LEAST 1.




{} B I O G R A P H Y {}

Personality: REQUIRED




{} E X T R A {}

Inventory: (items owned as well as currency, the profile creator can add anything to this part)

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