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name Kyle.B.Knight
nickname:blue knight
powers:psychokinesis & fire
team: Knight speeds
teammates names:
oreon the otter
speedster the hedgehog
kayden the wolf
dynamite the wolf
likes:trains, somtimes fighting,video games,music,food,more
having to fight somtimes,killing
notes:the team is part of the SDF (space defense force) in witch they own somthibg called a space train (in a nutsheel its a train that can go into space)
2:there engine is called the pBLACKSHADOW

4:the blackshadow has 4 cars with cannons on them that. tryst me have tons of power)

bio:when blue was little jis fauther was part of the SDF and blue never really knew him.. when he was 4 he was playing out side when he walked to the snall stream that want to sea he found a snall box with a small otter in it and kept him and (now scourge the otter and did tests on him and 3 of them was what changes his fur blue. made him smart and made him grow faster) later on they named him oreon and skiping a 3 years later when blue was 7 his fauther was said to be dead and oreon want missing (oreon was ok they met up again a few years later)
his mother left blue because she did not know what to do so it left me on the streets but he rembered he had a hover bourd taht was given to him at age 6 so he start raceing and became a champ and got so much mouny he bought a huge house on the coast and bought his own locomotive.. he now lives up by the coast getting up to all sorts of things with his friends and stuff.
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Name Maxine
Nickname Keely
Age 14
Survival skills: 75%
Likes: meat fruit and hunting also building things
Dislikes: being forced to do something or having a bad group captain
Personality happy
Friends none yet
Crush: none everyone makes fun of her because she dose not eat bugs and she befriends them and in return bugs help her and because she likes boots or being in bare feet also where winter clothes all time
Bio: was a nice girl who helped bugs and always wore winter clothes and is a nice person and wears winter clothes all the time she one day went on a cruise but got the ship crashed and she woke up on the beach with a injured arm and she was kind of happy she woke up on the island
Species: bearded dragon

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