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I did it and you're voice will be beutyful

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Not taking any chances
I'm not taking chances with this crazy stuff man.

June 1 Role Play day. We are very happy to have something interesting happening. I hope you all join in and have fun.
-Princess Cotton Candy
Aka my oc

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Once again just cause
Repost to other commuties will not spam unless repeated

+Park Kyoung Min 박경민
If your wonder y everone but u is a mod its because i know these people in real life and i trust them.

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Wars tomorrow be prepared

Special Event : save Pinkie
Pinkie has been captured we need to save her. Beware the people who have her have a gun and a knife.

Team earth pony

No one won the war but stay prepared for next week.

Plz advertise community on your channel if you have one.
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