Wipe Your Slate Clean with UK Global Associates Limited

Have You Been Refused Credit? And  Why? 

These could be the following reasons Why?  The leading credit agencies (Equifax and Experian) are holding against you on your credit file.

 CCJ (Paid or Unpaid)
 Defaults (Paid or Unpaid)
 Not Registered at Address
 Family Adverse Credit
 Bad Or Poor Credit History on any accounts (Currently or Previously Held)
 Out of date Information
 CIFAS Warnings
 Multiple Credit  Searches
 Multiple Links with Other People
 Multiple address links
 Repossession

UK Global Associates Limited Can Help 

 Remove and amend Harmful data recorded against YOU held by the leading credit agencies (Equifax and Experian)
 Improve Credit Rating
 Wipe a clean slate to your credit files to obtain a (Mortgage, Loan, Credit Card, or Visa Debit Card with leading High street Banks)

We are expertise that have been in the industry for over 13 years that deal with data protection and their acts as an individual or corporation that can ascertain your rights in removing harmful data held against you.

For more information visit our credit repair section under services on our website: www.ukglobalassociates.com
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