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Linda Leonard Zimmerman '69 and Walter Evan Zimmerman '69
We met at Brandeis, married the summer after Junior Year, and just celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary.  Our daughter, Rachel Zimmerman Brachman '95 studied Physics at Brandeis, and now works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

My field is Computer Science, focusing on Artificial Intelligence -- Natural Language Understanding. I also had a strong interest in Database Management Systems, and I served as President of Software Design Ltd.   Wally majored in Economics at Brandeis, then switched during grad school into Library Science, and is now Librarian Emeritus at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.  We are both retired now, and enjoy having more time to share together.

Brandeis will always hold a very special place in our hearts.  It represents not only shared memory for us, but we have come to very much appreciate Brandeis' special qualities.  It is such a cradle of creativity, encouraging the exploration of "Truth, even unto its innermost parts."  It was at Brandeis that we learned our research skills, how to read discerningly, and also where we learned the immense power of carefully chosen words.  It's where we learned to love art and science and history and philosophy and social justice.  These things enrich our lives to this day, and for that, dear Alma Mater,  we will always be grateful.

Some of the things I wanted to study were not yet in the syllabus, but Brandeis made it possible for me to combine my interests in Computer Science (taught in those days under Physics) and Fine Arts.  That sort of flexibility and encouragement of undergraduate students are among Brandeis' many strengths.  Wally and I think of Brandeis with a combination of love and pride, and we love coming back for reunions.

We'd love to read the personal stories of other Brandeis alums and students.

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Check us out!
Hi Brandeis students,

Please visit our booth at #JustInTimeFair  today at Hassenfeld Conference Center Table 54. We are all prepared to meet you! +Brandeis University 
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Looks like the +Brandeis University Communications Department needs to work on their social media skillz. 
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The University of Michigan was named the #1 Best & Most Collaborative Large College in the US by HuffPost Biz:

97 years ago today, Louis Brandeis was sworn in, becoming 1st Jewish US Supreme Court justice.

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