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All Role-play is welcome! Just one thing before you read the rules: - No, you don't need to create profile before role playing. R U L E S 1. NO BULLYING - This means that you shouldn't make anyone unwelcome UNLESS it is your character. Yeah guys. Don't make anyone feel unwelcome. If one of the moderators spots you bullying, you are banned from this community. 2. DON'T POST "OFFENSIVE MATERIAL - Refrain from posting racist, or obstructive posts that would offend the majority. Oi.. Discrimination is a bad thing... 3. RESPECT ALL MEMBERS AND STAFF - Be nice to everyone. We're all a family, here for one purpose (presumably) and that's to role-play! Yeah, guys. Respect others or else.... 4. SPAM IS NOT TOLERATED - Breaching the rules is counted as spam, posting the same thing over and over again is spam, and any chain mail is spam e.g. If you share this on 10 posts in one day, your crush will kiss you! Dude... and dudettes... stop spamming. We want to make our community neat and organized, okay? 5. CENSOR ALL R-RATED OR HIGHER POSTS UNTIL YOU MOVE INTO THE COMMENT SECTION - Don't post any hentai pictures or highly revealing erotic images either. You shouldn't be typing any form of literotica, porn or gore until your role-play begins in the comment section ((where nobody will see it, maybe)). User discretion is advised. Oi.... there are innocent children in this community... NEXT. 6. REPORT ALL POSTS/COMMENTS IN VIOLATION TO THE RULES AS SPAM - Don't attempt to moderate yourself if you are not a moderator. Leave that job to the official staff. Instead, help us by reporting the violator or tagging a staff member, alerting them of the crime. Yeah, yeah. That's our job. 7. OWNER/S & MODERATORS DECISION IS FINAL ((UNTIL OVERRULED)) - This is self-explanatory. Don't mess with the staff because if they remove you, it will be official unless the other staff members decide not to ((which may be never)) Woot. Woot. We run a two-strike system. If you break one rule, you'll be let off with a warning. Break it again, and we'll break your tie from this community with a nice little ban to go with those fries. Just kidding, you don't deserve fries for breaking the rules mister. Get with the program.

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The Virtues and Sins have currently gathered two parts of the Armour of Light in their possession: The Sword of the Soul & The Helmet of Salvation. Now trying to gain the Boots of Peace, they go into the haunted house of Dynasty Cove; they ponder of killing the ghost squid that bars their way into the house...

+Will_Da_Beast Gaming
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We left off at St. Narsisco explaining to the Virtues that the King of Yuha had invited them to a big festival in celebration of the Jealous Queen's defeat.

((Roleplay intended for +Will_Da_Beast Gaming​​ ONLY. Any other comments will be deleted)),
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What kind of RP should I write?? I want to write one cuz I haven't in so looooong, but can't think of what to write!
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Romance/Possible Adventure
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Angelic/Demonic Supernatural

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Character in use:

~Those Who Search for the Truth~

Gasp! The young man sat straight up as he woke from an absolutely unreal dream. His vision slowly cleared, allowing him to examine his surroundings. He wasn't sure where he was...or even, who he was.

Thomas... *He thought to himself. This name meant something to him...was it his name? He couldn't remember. Who am I...


"Wakey Wakey!" It was his father. He knew this much. "Come on champ, it's your first day. Go show your new teachers what real knowledge is." He was always proud of his son, even though he didn't understand nearly as much as he did. He was still proud.

"Dad," The young man said with a role of his eyes. "Come on. You know I don't have to be there for another few hours."

His father responded with a sheepish smile and playful chuckle. "Well excuse me if I'm excited." Sarcasm. Something that they were both pretty good at displaying in almost any situation. It was one of the few things that Thomas had in common with his father; it made them laugh from time-to-time. This time was no different.

"Whatever dad." Thomas said with a crooked smile as he swung his legs over the bed to get dressed.


Thomas' eyes flew open for the second time in five minutes. A rather large gasp escaped his lips as he exhaled deeply, filling his lungs with fresh air. He started to stand up, but fell short as he felt a light touch to his forehead. His vision was still blurry and he was so confused. Was it his father? Who was there with him?

His vision finally cleared and he was able to take in his surroundings. But there wasn't anybody there. He could have sworn that someone was there; but there was no one. But instead of stay confused, Thomas began to examine the environment.

Directly in front of him stood a rather large building. It looked like someone's home, but he wasn't sure. In any case, he didn't recognize it. Come to think of it, he didn't recognize anything near him. He had no idea where he was, and was starting to become more and more curious.

The house was surrounded by a seemingly eternal darkness. Thomas couldn't see past the house because of a thick fog that made it impossible to see farther than fifty feet in front of him. What seemed like a garden that had died a millenia ago surrounded the area that he could see; it gave him a quite uneasy feeling, even though it was just a few dead plants.

"Hello?" He called out, half hoping there was no one to hear him. "Is anyone out there? Hello?!" After a few seconds without a response, Thomas decided to go towards the front door, maybe there's someone inside who can help him.

Knock Knock Knock A steady three beats from his knuckles. A slight echoing noise came from within as his subtle banging carried throughout the large house. "Hmm...I guess no one's home..." He muttered to himself as he turned to go. But a sound stopped him short. Creeeek The opened. But no one stood on the other side.

Thomas poked his head through the newly opened door. "Hello?" He said again, having the same thoughts as before. Someone had clearly let him in, or at least he thought so. There's not another reasonable answer, right? He tried to reassure himself unsuccessfully.

He stepped through the foreboding doorway and scanned the massive entry room that he was standing in with a slow turn of his head. Well...I guess I'd better- But his thoughts were cut short as a loud Slam suddenly diverted his attention to the now closed door. That's not good...


(Y/N) awoke quickly with a sudden gasp, and as (his/her) senses returned (he/she) came to notice the chains that were clamped to (his/her) wrists and ankles. Quickly beginning to fear everything, (Y/N) began to shout for help, hoping beyond hope that there was someone else in this unfamiliar environment, while also hoping that whoever was there would be a help...and not...something else.

*The chains clinked against the cold stone floor and wall and (Y/N)'s bare feet were freezing from the touch of the rough, grimey ground. Chills shot up (his/her) spine as the pieces of linked metal scraped underfoot, leaving nothing but a sound to haunt (his/her) mind as (he/she) scanned, what could be seen of, the room to try to find a way of escape. But, much to (Y/N)'s dismay, the only thing that (he/she) saw was a pair of eyes that stuck out in the darkness. Then they were gone.

"Hello?" (Y/N) shouted into the darkness, nearing panic as (he/she) searched frantically around the room, eyes dancing around in the darkness, working overtime to find the ominous set of eyes that had just been there. "Who's there?"

After several excruciatingly long seconds a terrifying sound rang out from every corner of the dark room; the sound of a giggling child, more feminine that masculine, implying that it was probably a girl. But this possible fact didn't comfort (Y/N) at all. (He/She) was still terrified, and (his/her) life began to flash before (his/her) eyes.

The last thing (Y/N) her before drifting off into another sleep was a single, childlike voice. "Sleep well..."


It was so dark that Thomas couldn't even see past his own nose, but luckily he had an alternative light source. He quickly brought his hand up in front of him and calmed his nerves focusing on nothing but his outstretched arm. A glowing, fluid-like substance began to flow from his fingertips, curving and moving about around his hand smoothly; had it not been for the possibly dire situation, Thomas would have found it rather beautiful, however confused he may be by this strange ability.

"Ok..." Thomas muttered to himself. "Now what?" He began to slowly move around the large entry way into the massive house, examining every piece of dusty, old, or broken furniture that decorated the room. He came to a door and reached out to turn the handle, but just as his hand came to it, it vanished. "What?" He mumbled under his breath as he drew his hand back sharply. "Where am I supposed to go?"

After another walk around the edges of the room, Thomas came across another door that he was absolutely sure wasn't there before. But the even stranger thing was that it was already open. "I guess this way..." He said sarcastically as he trod through it. Slam It shut behind him. With a deep breath, Thomas turned away from the now closed door and looked off into the long hall ahead of him. "Better get going I guess. If I want to find out where the hell I am..."

After what seemed to be an eternity of unending empty hallways, Thomas heard a familiar sound. He couldn't quite make it out, but it sounded like...crying? "Hello?" He called out softly into the foreboding darkness as he creeped farther down the hall. The sound became greater, and slowly he began to feel a presence nearby. "Who's there?" He called out again in a soft voice.

A sniffle came from the ground directly below Thomas, causing him to jump back and raise his fist. He quickly let the beautiful glowing lights dance around his hand again, weaving in and out of the gaps between his fingers.

"Hello?" He whispered as he crouched down and began to examine whatever...or whoever was on the floor.


GASP (Y/N) woke with a start, rolling over throwing (his/her) arms out, afraid of what may be near. (He/She) heard a slight scuffling sound and felt something soft and warm wrap around (his/her) flailing arm, catching it out of midair as if to stop it from hitting someone.

"Woah woah woah!" A soft voice came from the darkness. "Easy...I'm not gonna hurt you." His voice was kind, and (Y/N) had an easy time believing that the owner of the voice was a friend.

"Where am I?" (Y/N) asked softly with a tear starting to form in (his/her) eye. "Why can't I remember very much?" (His/Her) voice began to grow frantic as (he/she) sat up quickly, steadying (himself/herself) on (his/her) knees.

"I don't know..." The voice said as a light began to form around his hand, illuminating a small area around them and giving (Y/N) a view of his face. "What's the last thing you remember?" He asked seriously, whilst still holding a kind, seemingly understanding, tone.

"I was locked up..."

~Basic Info~

My Character:

Genre: Adventure/Horror/Suspense/Fantasy

1) Our memories will be restored throughout the RP through a series of flashbacks or other means.
2) There will be other characters that are eventually introduced that will play large parts in the story
3) If I find a reason/need to give you another picture to elaborate on a certain description, I will!
4) The RP does not solely take place in the house. Don't worry ;P.
5) I left much of what happened to your character in the dark because it gives you a little freedom to dictate that on your own! My only requirement (in that department) is that you make it interesting! ((Don't feel like you need to do it all at once, it's actually more fun if that is revealed over time!))


1) 10+ lines please! This RP needs to stay in vivid detail!

2) Absolutely NO text talk (i.e. brb ttyl etc.)

3) Please don't abandon without telling me.

4) Please excuse the (his/her) (he/she) etc., if you ask for a PP I will edit that out for you depending on the gender of your character! ;D

5) Please either give me the link for your character's profile, or post it when you ask for a reshare. (just so I know what kind of character you will be using)

6) No Hentai (If you use a female character I am open to romance, but this is not a sexual RP, and on the off-chance there happens to be a sex scene, I will time-skip)

7) Please at least use averagely good grammar and spelling, don't make it too hard to read. (one thing I like to do is read my stuff out loud to myself, and if I have trouble anywhere, I fix it ;) )

8) Most importantly......................HAVE FUN!!!
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Hello! I am new to this community, but I get the feeling it's fun. I love to role play and watch anime too :3

Name: Memori Furuhara

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: Blond hair that's waist length. Caramel colored eyes. A short and slender figure. Often appears to be a child.

Personality: A very innocent child, without much knowledge of the harsh realities the world has to offer. Usually can be found listening to music or sitting at some cafe.

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, chatting with friends, sweets of all kinds.

Dislikes: Heights, horror stories/movies, dark areas without light, shopping.

Bio/Background: Memori has lived with her parents since she was young. She often doesn't get what others mean when they use too much slang, nor does she know too much pop culture. She comes from quite a rich family that got involved in vampires and monsters at one point, but they don't have anymore connections with people like that.

Family: Father, Mother, Older Sister, and a Dog. Supposedly, her grandparents are alive, but she's never met them.

Quote: "I think of life as searching for happiness but never quite reaching it. But that's what makes it fun."

Name: Andy Hart
Age: 18
Height: 5'1''
Weight: 120lbs
Spiecies: Vampire
DOB: 2\14
Sexuality: bisexual
Description: mismatched eyes, one crimson red, the other a light grey. Pale skin. Very long jet black hair, usually put in braids and has bangs that go off to the side, covering her left eye a bit. Has a lip piercing. Skinny hourglass figure. Usually wears band T-shirts and skinnyjeans with convers.
Personality: usually high spirited, shy, clumsy, very playful and loving
Likes: playing guitar, drawing, reading, the outdoors
Dislikes: small spaces

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~Character in use:~


It is the year 2476, and mankind is on the brink of extinction. It's been five years since the invasion, the day marked as the beginning of the end for mankind; the day they came.
~Character in use:~


It is the year 2476, and mankind is on the brink of extinction. It's been five years since the invasion, the day marked as the beginning of the end for mankind; the day they came.

~Five Years Ago~

"Graham!" The grown woman's voice carried through the wind to the entire block, and Graham Lennot's bones shook from the thought of the impeding danger that he was now in. He knew he shouldn't have done it, but decided to seemed like fun at the time...but now...

"I know you can hear me, you piece of sh*t!" The voice came again, echoing through the empty lots and buildings, bouncing from street-to-street and wall-to-wall. "If you don't get home right n-" Her voice cut short, and a terrifying silence followed, filling Graham's mind with even more fear-inspired adrenaline as he walked home silently.

*The sound of an old, oak door rubbing against rusted, metal hinges could send chills down even the most resolved person’s spine, and as Graham walked through the door to his little home, he began to glance cautiously from side-to-side, terrified of what awaited him.

"There you are!" An almost unearthly shriek came from behind him, as a massive hand came crashing down on his left shoulder, forcing him to the ground as he looked up fearfully.

"No! Please! I'm sorry!" He shouted pitifully as he held his shoulder with his right hand, and pulled his legs close to his body.

"'Sorry' don't change sh*t, boy!" The large, temperamental woman screamed down at Graham as she reached down and grabbed him by the shirt collar. "I ain't lettin' you off easy this time, you little brat! This time, you're gonna be stuck there for awhile." She said as she grabbed his left wrist and began dragging him towards a door down the narrow hall.

"No! Please..." He cried out again as tears began to stain his otherwise spotless face.

"No, please!" She mocked him as she threw him onto a large bed by his arm and began tying his ankles to either end of he bed-frame, followed by his wrists. Then, she ripped his clothes off of his body, leaving him in nothing but his boxers, completely exposed to the cold autumn wind blowing in through the window, and as she strode out of the room, she hit a little button on the wall, and a ticking sound began to resonate from the ceiling above the bed.

By now, Graham had figured out that struggling only made things worse, so he just clenched his eyes shut tightly, and cried as he stayed spread out on the bed, half-naked, and vulnerable, and waiting for the cold reality of life to pour over him.


A scream shook the abandoned apartment complex, and the white-haired boy in the hoodie ran up from its basement, sprinting out the door as fast as his feet could carry him. He wanted to call out to the unknown girl to reassure her that help was on the way; but he was smarter than that. Instead, he ran quickly, but lightly towards the screams, rounding a corner and diving through a broken window.

As he hit the ground he tucked into a ball and rolled into the center of the room, flinging his arms out as he came up onto his knee. His head was directed to the ground, but his eyes were focused ahead as the ear-piercing shrieks of two monsters rang out from either side of him, followed by a dull thud as they each hit the ground simultaneously.

The man sprinted forward through the hall in front of him, and came skidding to a stop as the girl's screams carried from the room on the right at the end of the hall.

The sound of snarls, high-pitched growls, and clicks mixed in with the sound of the young woman's screams and whimpers resonated from the room, and the hood-wearing young man clicked his tongue. They know I'm here... He thought to himself as he swore under his breath and stepped aside into the room next to him, knowing that they would be upon him any minute.

"I refuse to become one with you!" He shouted towards the room where he knew the girl was. Then, before they could react, he sprinted towards the room, but ran right past it. He jumped through the fragile window at the end of the hall, and let himself fall the three stories before landing on the ground, and tumbling into a perfect roll.

He knew that he didn't have much time before one, or more, of them followed him. So he quickly rounded the corner, back around the abandoned hotel-building, and jumped back in through a bottom floor window into, what used to be, a nicely furnished honeymoon sweet. He sighed as he remembered what it was like before sh*t went to hell...

~Four Years Ago~

"What is this?!" She was screaming, as always. Graham was constantly embarrassed, he didn't know how the neighbors felt about this, but it couldn't possibly be good...

"I told you I wanted a nice beer! Not this sh*t!" She screamed at him while gripping his ear, as if the only way for him to hear her was if she screamed right into it. Because of this, Graham's ears were ringing, and he was beginning to fear that they would bleed.

"Come with me." The woman growled at him through clenched teeth as she grabbed the back of his collar and dragged him to the room for his daily dose of 'discipline'.

After several minutes of lying on the bed, wrists and ankles tied to the corners and the ticking sound driving him crazy, a bowl of ice-cold water poured over Graham's almost-nude body. It was Summer, so it didn't bother him too much, but it was still cold, and after several rounds of this torment, he began to shiver uncontrollably.

Then, after three days in the room, she finally came in and cut him loose. But she wouldn't give him his clothes back. "You aren't worth the torture it took for me to carry you." She said contemptuously as she walked out of the room.

"I know..." Graham muttered under his breath, as the rather fearsome woman walked away.


The man stood up, adjusting his loose hood as he walked out into the hallway, and towards the elevators. Despite the total destruction of the entire city, this elevator happened to still work, and as he stepped in, he began to hear the shrieks of the monsters as he pressed the desired button, and watched as the light, indicating the floor change.

The elevator reached the floor he was on before, except this time, he was in the right place, at just the right time.

Several shrieks rang out from in front of him as he screamed and lunged towards them.

~Three Years Ago~

The hospital smelled clean, too clean. At this point Graham was used to the musty, dank smell of the house that he had no choice but to live in; so the smell of the hospital room drove his senses crazy, but in a good way.

He had noticed that a few strands of his dark brown hair was beginning to turn white, and it confused him. After his appointment with the local doctor, his "mother" told him that he had been contracted with Marie Antoinette syndrome, a minor disease that attacks one's hair follicles, turning them all white.

"Great!" His mother exclaimed. "Now not only are you useless, but you're a freak too!"

"Well I'm sorry!" Graham shouted at her. He had finally had enough. After sixteen years of torture and pain, he had finally drawn the line. "I'm sorry I wasn't your 'perfect little angel'! I'm sorry that you've had to put up with a failure such as me! And what's more, you may be pleased to know that you'll never see me again, because I'm done!"

"Oh no you're not. You're not done until I say you're done!" She screamed back, grabbing his bare forearm and yanking him towards herself.

But before either of them could do anything, a scream rang out from the lobby. But that wasn't as alarming as what followed.



The room became silent as the hooded man caught his breath, glancing at the floor oozing with the dead beasts. But the silence was broken by a pitiful whimper coming from the corner, where an obscured form hid itself as best it could.

"It's safe now." The man said as he took two steady, quiet steps towards the corner where the girl rested. "You don't have to be afraid."

The young girl slowly looked up over her shoulder at the man. "Are you sure?" She asked timidly, clearly desperate.

"I'm sure." He said perkily with a smile as he stretched his hand out for her to take. As she took it and stood up, Graham was more able to assess her, noting her clothes and relative size, as well as her cleanliness. Just like everyone one else, she was pretty battered up...but otherwise...she was beautiful...

~Three Years Ago~

The dead silence didn't last long, and before anyone knew what was happening, the beasts attacked. They charged through the public hospital, killing everyone on their way through...or worse.

At some point during the massacre, one of the monsters destroyed the electric router, causing the hospital to go dark. Graham saw his chance, and ripped his arm away from the woman, sprinting in the other direction as fast as he could.

He made it to an open window at the end of the hallway, and began to crawl through. But just before he made it out to freedom, he felt a slimy, glop-like substance encasing him in itself, and before he had time to react, he blacked out.


The two sprinted through the abandoned, run-down hotel, stampeding down stairs from floor to floor. The hooded young man thought about taking the elevator, but decided against it because the monsters now knew that that was what he took the first time. So they ran, as fast as their feet could carry them, down the seemingly endless flights of stairs.

Once they reached the main floor, the white-haired man led the young woman through an open, broken window, hoisting her through, then jumping through himself.

"Hurry, let's go!" He shouted towards her as he grabbed her wrist and ran towards the main road.

"Where are we going?" She shouted back at him with panic still covering her face like a veil, as she ran behind him with her wrist in his hand.


~Two Years Ago~

The world was almost gone. Screams could be heard from every city and country...all the time.

Most of the world was labelling this time as "Stage Two", and claiming that they knew what the monsters wanted, when, really, no one knew anything.

Graham was no exception; he had no clue why this was happening. But he knew how to survive it.


The young man sighed as he looked down at the girl sleeping on the makeshift bed he had found at an old mattress store awhile back. It smelled like rat urine, and was torn in a few spots. But, so far, it was serving its purposes adequately.

After a moment's pause to think, he turned away and walked into the boarded up kitchen to prepare a small meal for himself and the girl. He quietly filled an old coffee pot with water and the required coffee grounds, pressing the "on" button and walking to the stove to make some eggs. This was the first time he had seen another survivor in close to eight months, and he wasn't entirely sure what to do about her. Hell, he wasn't even sure if she wasn't just a dream...But he pushed that thought aside, and finished making the small meal.

He heard some rustling behind him as he turned off the burner below the finished eggs, and looked over his shoulder lazily to see her sitting on the side of the old mattress. Her clothes were still tattered and dirty, and her hair was a mess...but the young, white-haired, man still found her beautiful.

"Good morning." He said softly with a smile as he stepped over to the coffee pot and poured two cups. Then, with a sigh, he said, "I don't have any cream or I hope this'll do." and he offered her one of the mugs.

((Your turn!!))


1) NO TEXT TALK WHATSOEVER!!! (i.e. brb ttyl etc.)

2) I know it may seem like alot, but I need 8+ lines, minimum! If you do it I can do it! And if you don't do it...I will have to abandon. This story is VERY descriptive, and so I need you to be too.

3) Please don't feel afraid to tell me if you're bored of it and want to call it quits. It's ok!!

4) No hentai, we can time-skip if it comes to that! ;)

5) Don't tag me a billion times if I take a little while to respond. Now, if I don't respond for more than 24 hours, then you can tag me, because I may have lost the post.

6) I know that there seems to be alot of info missing, but I assure you, (if you play your cards right) it will all be revealed over the coarse of the story!!!

7) Most importantly: HAVE FUN!!!

8) If you've read this far (including all the rules!) say something about the apocalypse when asking to RP.
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(I couldn't figure out how to tag you, so this is continuing the roleplay I'm doing with Lucy Steel)

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