Is there a "generic" description of the Discover action somewhere, one that isn't specific to any particular skill?

Has anyone done a conversion guide between the Classic and FATE Core versions of Bulldogs!? In particular, I'm looking for the best way to convert Classic weapons over to Core.

I was reading the original non-Core version of Bulldogs just now. Never had the chance to play it so I can't really compare it with the latest version.

Just wondering if any of you here still prefer the old version to the new one and why? Or if you do prefer the new one over the old, why? Thanks. 

Does anyone know of any free scenarios for Bulldogs I could use for a one-shot? I know there used to be several adventures for classic Bulldogs available on DriveThruRPG, but they're all gone now. :(

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Here's a fun ship diagram +Khairul Hisham made for +Christopher Mennell that seems like it would be right at home as a D-Class Freighter.
I wasn't going to share this publicly, instead waiting for when I got back to working on #UltramassiveUnexplained, but I really love this piece, and I'm too excited to keep it all to myself any longer.

This ship interior layout was done by none other than +Khairul Hisham. I approached Hish and asked if he could make an interior cut away of a starship in the style of those Star Wars "look inside" books, and he 100% delivered. It has everything I asked for (and a couple of things I left for him to add on his own) and it's just amazing.

Thank you again Hish! Awesome work!

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Woke up to a nice surprise this morning!

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Arrived today. Cracking it open, with appropriate accompaniment.

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Mine arrived yesterday!

IMBU (In My Bulldogs Universe, a nod to the infinite variations of Traveller), all obviously human variants are exactly that. And most, if not all, are cross fertile. Which makes for some interesting tensions and possibilities.

(Nothing else is, but it's not for lack of trying. Filthy Arsubarans...)

(Arsubarans are closest to the original human stock, but that was a long time ago, in a galaxy kinda far away...what? IMBU, the 'galaxy' is obviously the Large Magellanic Cloud, or one of the other small clusters nearby.)

Anyone else got an IMBU variant?

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Will you be at DexCon at the end of the month? I’m running two original Bulldogs! scenarios on Friday and Saturday. Here are the teasers:

"Max Mud: Slurry Road" The planet Slog is…unpleasant. The weather is awful. The food is barely edible. The surface swarms with parasites and predators. The fauna ain't so nice either. But no-one's asking you to buy a timeshare. All you gotta do is deliver a package to some old hermit, blast home and grab the paycheck. Easy credits, right?

“Honey I Shrunk the Bulldogs” In a low-rent corner of the galaxy sits the Suckage, a big bad black hole worth avoiding. Unless you pick up a mayday from an unregistered research base falling shy of the safe side, and you're the only ship in a million klicks. Then all you gotta do is evacuate a few scientists and keep a secret. Easy credits, right?

If you want to play some sci-fi that kicks ass, sign up!

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