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With Google shutting down G+ many of us are moving to MeWe. There are a lot of gaming communities springing up. Including a new Fate Core community.

Seeking some advice and inspiration from the community. I like my Bulldogs con one-shots as madcap romps with lots of social scenes and potential for mischief. Over the years I've booked the crew on multiple reality shows, made them escort a debauched urseminite band, miniaturized them with a shrink ray on a space station being sucked into a black hole, stuck them on a futuristic Titanic, and sent them chasing their embezzling captain across the galaxy. I want to do an episode where they crash land on a planet and are marooned, but I want one that bends the tropes. Suggestions?

Has anyone here either come across, or created a GM screen for Bulldogs!?

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Just realized that you guys might also appreciate this, especially if you are also Dark Matter fans. This the background music I play for my campaign.
Dunno if others feel the same way but I really miss the Dark Matter TV series. I also really like the background music they used.

Just found out that Dark Matter TV series composer Benjamin Pinkerton released the soundtrack music of the show at YouTube.

Sorry, another question. What do people do regarding rules for refueling ships? How often to you require the crew to do it?

Does anyone have a map which shows the location of the various planetary systems mentioned in Heart of the Fury? I'm basing my first campaign on this, with some other bits thrown in, but knowing my players they would like some sort of laid out star map....

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A piece of EDM music to set the mood for the dangers of spaaaaaace...

I’m set up to run Bulldogs! all day today at KeepCon in Johnstown PA. So far all people are interested in is D&D. Hopefully some brave (or desperate) spacers show up looking for work.

With "People of the Zone", we have 40 more species available for Bulldogs! What are your favourite species?

Hi there all. I am a new GM to this universe (quite new to GM in general). I'm going to run the Fury campaign, however I want a few additional scenarios to run to get everyone in the feel for FATE Core before running the main campaign (as no-one has used the system before). Does anyone have any scenarios ready to go that I could....erm...."acquire"? Once I'm more confident I'm sure I will write my own, but I honestly don't have the free time right now to learn the Bulldogs! universe and create a scenario or 2 before we start playing! Any hints and tips also greatly appreciated! :)
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