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Everyday Matters is a group that grew out of +Danny Gregory's blog and books - Everyday Matters, The Creative License and An Illustrated Life. It's main focus was on drawing and creating illustrated journals but artists of all degrees of ability and experience, from total novices to professional illustrators, artists, and teachers are welcome to join in. 

To get started, browse through the prompts at or use the randomizer on the page to be assigned a prompt. Once you are done with the sketch, post it here or on your favorite social network. Posting is optional - the goal is to get you to start drawing more frequently :-)

P.S. You can also access the randomizer at

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wahooo j’admire vraiment ce qu'il fait et Mercie pour ce beau dessin mai je me demande si vraiment il peut me faire un portraits tout comme je le suis

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It's true! This is only the second time I have used watercolor ever. Thank you for watching! Appreciate you!

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👨👨We have always advocated that human are equal value.

So this time an artist from Syria paints controversial Presidents like Trump 👨or Obama as refugees to pay attention to refugees.👨
Tag: #illustration #art #portrait
Anyone can write on our website: 👨,👨 now start writing.

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Good Grief

Mini canvas mixed media painting techniques.

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Pebeo speed painting on a mini canvas.

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Made this quick #charcoal art for the poem 'alone'

Also, hi everyone! 😊
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