Well..I'm back..wanders about wondering if I still have friends ..

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Quotes: "Don't judge me
, it whould be last thing you do"
Name: Alice Banes
Alias: Scared Lice
Nickname: lice,Al,Ali
Gender: female
Birthday: 16 september
Zodiac: Libra
Personality: kind of crazy and psycho,cinnamon roll,kind, friendly (olny tl others from Creepy Pasta),playful
likes: blood, "friends",killing,singing,creepy things,pizza,cola,video games
Dislikes: . . . idk...uuuhhh...

Sexuality: straight
Crush: none
Weapons: dagger
Powers/abilities: none
Species: human
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: brown with hints of red
Height: 5.3
Weight: 108 lb
What they usually wear: dark grey tangtop, grey shorts, black shoos
Bio: she lived normal live as the youngest of 3 she was also only girl, when she was 6 her brothers started to bully and abuse her and her mother didnt care,her father was working all the time and once when she was 14 her brothers started to beat her she had enouth of it and wanted to die, she cut
Her self on many places (litterly sliced her own flesh) and cut out her eye and cut places arround mouth (like Jeff). Then she stichted it all and cut her hair in short and on some places it stands out, she became crazy and killed her brothers with dagger she found, then she killed her mother and father after he got home. When police arrived all they found was bloody bodys of the family and on wall writted in blood "Don't judge me,it whould be last thing you do.- SL"

Sits alone singling lightly while gently plucking out blades of grass and turning them to ash, staring at the small pond in front of me
(idk anyone?)

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"What're you looking at, imprudent mortal?"
Name: Lucah Dethin
Nickname: Lucky Death
Gender: male
Sexuality: bi
Species: demon
Weapon: none
Powers: demonic abilities which include invincibility, shapeshifter, telekinesis, etc
Likes: killing especially the hunt. video games. books.
Dislikes: imprudent mortals who dare call me a monster when in fact, i am nothing more than a demonic being. get your facts straight assholes
Bio: can't seem to remember...
Family: none that I know of
Friends: would be glad to make one

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(Open Rp Creepy Pasta)

Tinker: flops on the couch.. covered in blood. bleh.
scales raise then fall.. guns rattle at sides.. same old routine... im bored!
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(Open Oc rp)

It was a dark rainy day, the drops of rain landed on the blue glass window panes. The storms becoming stronger, Rose sat in her dorm looking out the window listening to her music. Writing in her journal about her day.

Rose found joy in seeing the rain pour, giving her a relaxed feeling. The storm passes over, the sun shines again. She looked up, out the window sighing. She remembered today was her visit to the gravesite, of her mom and dad. Getting up she leaves her red jacket off going only in, a black tank top shirt and a black skirt with black knee high heeled boots.

Rose grabs her pen and journal, taking a wilted flower from slendy's garden. She took off out the door, holding the items she brought. Taking a pathway to the graveyard away from the school, she stopped at the old crooked gate. Old and run down she went on seeing her mother and father's grave.

"Its been awhile, dear mother, dear father."

Her voice silent with sadness she sat by the dark area eating an apple, setting the wilted flower in between the grave stones. She looked up to the bright blue sky, with its fluffy clouds rolling by.

Then, she heard movement coming from the pathway,she stood quickly with her weapon ready and in hand. Rose took a deep closer look, seeing a strange figure in the distance. She became quite curious, she was the only one who knew the pathway, she started sneaking closer and closer seeing Y/N. She hid in a tree watching Y/N. Y/N was then..

1.Ask first
2. If you want a pp, just type "creepy" or ask for one

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Hey, guys and gals, I'm new here and... don't take my mask...

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Name: Ryan Thomas
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Weapons of choice: katana styled sword Wich the material is stronger then any type of material in the 21st century
Bio: (ahh there is so much, hopefully I don't have to talk all the way back) he was born into a serial killer and was tortured at the age of one to five and then ran away (in an alternative universe he joins the pack but not in this one) and for 3 years he lived in the wood of Wisconsin until a family found him and adopted him.
Hight: 6'3
Likes: fair fight, nice people, and Food especially meat,(that's all I can think of)
Dislikes: bullies, people who have a good personality, veggies, and people who depend on others more then themself.
Saying: (don't know what you mean by this)
Style of killing: usually ends it quick but if pist of enough he will torture his enemy.

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Because I did
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