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Welcome to Night Walkers Academy for Talented Ponies i hope you enjoy your stay and learn alot please enjoy yourselves and have fun but please follow the rules i would hate to see you in my office for disciplinary action. 
and i must ask you to please share and invite others to the school.
thank you 

~Principle Night Walker

Will we ever have a class?

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Name : trickster
gender : mare/female
Type : pegusus/bat pony
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Hi every pony and good morning, I love u guys all

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Name killer destroyer
Age uknowen
Gender male
Race dragon wolf
Bio unknown

Hello, I'm new here!


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Tiba was walking down the hallway to go to the music room. She passed her locker and grabbed her draw book. After closing her locker, she turned and bumped into you sorry! (Open to anyone but closed once one person comments)

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Name:  Night Walker
Age: 20
Gender: male
Race: Alicorn
Grade/Teacher?: Principle
Personality: brave, loving, caring, and helpful
can be cocky, hard headed,stubborn, stern, and will not hesitate to punish misbehaving students.
Likes: to have fun and joke around with students, students with good grades, to help
Dislikes: misbehaviour, trouble making, anything that is either rude or mean
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Name: Tiba
Age: pre-teen
Gender: female
Race: TimberWolf
Grade: 7th
Positives: cooky, funny, smart, tomboy, generous, sweet
Negatives: clumsy, can easily be bullied and accepts bad criticism as it was her fault. She doesn't stand up to them. meaning she has no back bone
Likes: having friends, mind ponies
Dislikes: bullies, getting bullied, having no friends.

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