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I am Engineer Ogbeh, one you also know as a solo musician.
I am a practicing Civil Engineering Technologist with vast professional experience.
Contact me today for your proposed projects:
Email: & Telegram / Call: +2348036470470.
I analyze data based on site investigation, erect dwellings, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, drainage, perimeter fencing, concrete and block works, interlocking tiles, earth works and deliver from small to large scale projects in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.
I design and set out in accordance with structural and Architectural drawings. I am proficient in delivering site correspondence and use of AutoCAD.
Contact me today and a trial will convince you.

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Igniting your love – Identifying the Ills.
Love is like a flame which burns deep down and never quenches, as long as you fan the flame. Love is such a wonderful thing which brings joy, happiness, satisfaction, care, wealth, fulfilment.
It brings people with like-minds together. It takes love to save a dying soul and bring back life, it takes love to mend a broken heart, it takes love to move mountains. Oh how nice it is to be loved, and to be in love.
When the flame is let to light out, someone’s gonna cry, someone would be broken and hurting!
Many years ago, but just like yesterday, I was 21, whilst she was 19, I recall how my first love went down unclad right before my watchful eyes, staring into my eyes with her passionate touch and lovely kisses. A sweet sailing love affair that has been built up, suddenly went sour the very moment I turned her down. That was the end of our matter, I mean the end! What a juvenile love; love that was conditional. Many relationships of the new age have suffered infantile paralysis, as a result of lack of understanding of rudiments of successful relationships.
At this point, let us identify what is meant by “ills” vis-à-vis relationships. This word denotes the limitations as a result of human pervasive tendencies, furthermore, some of these perversions now tend to phenomenal instincts that portray the beasts, how sad!
I have been left wondering where certain words I’ve never heard, suddenly emanated from, and how they ever got associated with advanced creatures such as humans. Words like: quickies, bleeping, sex mate, one night stand etc. these words articulated, simply portray a monumental beast, and therefore ought to be considered as a capital slap on the face of mankind, when used among men.
Oh yes! I know we are not as perfect as our creator, but we are meant to stand on his primordial injunction which form the basis of true love. But what has happened to true love? Some folks say it no longer exist, and are let with no other choice than joining the bandwagon of the pervasive.
At what point in your life have you made someone feel really loved (what counts in your life)?
Without saying words, at what point in your life has your glaring looks and your actions impact this hilarious feeling into someone’s life? – YOU ARE GREATLY LOVED AND CHERISHED, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT AS LONG AS YOU HAVE ME.
You look into those eyes every day, have you ever looked into those eyes deeply and passionately with that feeling of true love at first sight?
You may really rock by the way you care, but have you given care without expecting anything in return?
You have sex every other day, when did you ever make love?
Do you hold those fingers with genuine passion and sensual loving feeling?
Do you value times you spend together apart from romance times? Do your acts and language seem futuristic? Many more, but suffice me to say that true love is deeper and resident in our hearts, if only can see through the eyes of our hearts.
True love is unconditional, it values and respects everyone irrespective of races, beliefs, culture and background. It doesn’t discriminate, but takes you for who you are.
True love respects your emotions, True love sees sex (love making) as the peak of love expression rather than casual and beginning thing. True love is lifetime, True love is just great! True love is the essence of life and what ads stars to your next life when you depart from this world.
No matter how insignificant you think you are, your spirit is accountable to God, over someone who needs true love from you. Someone still cherishes and need your love in return. Be true to yourself, give that love with passion, and beckon on that helpless hand with warm and loving smiles. You never can tell if that’s just the sole reason your creator orchestrated your physical existence into planet earth.
No matter how rich or poor you are, no matter how reputable or insignificant you are before men, no matter now celebrated or rejected you may be in the sight of men, your life of love by and large might just make you accomplished before your creator.
Let’s save the world from perversion.
Let’s save the world from the deadly claws of the hater of mankind, who enslaves and deludes the heart of men from the use of their God-given intuition (what distinguishes mankind from beasts) towards animalistic instincts; with his manipulative powers.
Show that special one in your life how much you love, blow the mind of that special someone in your life with a true gift of love. Always make a headline in the thoughts of your lover.
If true love is shared among men, our world will be a better place. Let’s spread the virus of this kind of love. I stand for true love.
Thank you and here is what I’ve got for you.
Download “Love is all that matters”
Check it out on
Like to contact me?
You can write to me directly on my facebook
Better still, do me an
Your comments will be much appreciated
Thank you for reading.

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Download sentimental love song for your valentine. "Don't Walk Away" is composed and directed by Donmick. Check it out on: . Call +2348036470470 for inquiries

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Celebrate this valentine with a sentimental love song "Don't walk away", composed and produced by Donmick.
Feel the lyrics...

Don't Walk Away
Hey cute lover girl
you're the one that I'm singing to
Each and every moment with you
I learn how to sing to you - In a better way
Through the feelings emotions and passions
Only you and I can understand
Needing you endlessly, won' let you go
The song that you gave me I'll sing it to you
The way that you touch me, lights up the man in me
The way that you touch me with your love & your tender heart
So natural, I'm so blessed by the love that you gave me..
Don't walk away
Don't walk away
Please don't walk away no
Don't walk away no
Baby baby baby I can love you..
I'm gonna give you the treasures of love
that your heart has been seeking
Through the years of the good times and bad times
and forever I'll be with you
I'm gonna cherish you endlessly won't let you go
The song that you gave me I'll sing it to you
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