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Please join this community to get in touch with the latest technical articles and tutorials about the electronics and learn about some electronics stuff.

Its a community about electrical and electronic engineering in which you can read and learn about electronics and electrical and also can post and share whatever you want to tell others about electronics and electrical that you know this stuff can increase the knowledge about electronics in the people minds.

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Learn about the why we care so much about the power factor correction in large industries....:-) :-)
Visit the link below to know that why it is necessary to maintain our power factor at some scale...:-)

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The galaxy s7 is out!!!!

You know what? My phone must be an acrobat! I tossed onto my couch, it rolled on the sides (not including back and front) then tumble off the couch, and it fell down and landed on the phone stand that is part of the case, I didn't even have the stand popped out! And u know what else, it is the one that didn't break and I used to type this story! What a phone!

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A second way for a forgotten pattern on an HTC EVO 3D is requiring a factory reset.

1.Take out the battery and place it back in.
2.instead of just holding the power button, hold the power button and the volume down button. will want to press the volume down button until u get to factory reset.
4.when the factory reset is highlighted in blue, press the power button.
5.factoy reset will begin.

Then u have an unlocked phone! ☺

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Here in this collection I post stuff like running windows xp on a Samsung phone, using IOS on an HTC, or downgrading windows!

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