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Mining screen wedge wire screen welding machine

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Madini Africa aims to bring about investment in African mineral beneficiation
Johannesburg – Madini Africa ( is the pre-eminent Pan African investment conference dedicated to mineral processing & beneficiation projects throughout the continent.

Madini Africa is to be held on the 12th and 13th of November 2013 at the Killarney Country Club, Lower Houghton in Johannesburg.

Madini Africa designed and dedicated for bringing together financiers, investors and mining operators to fund mineral processing projects throughout the continent.

With the leading roll Africa is playing in answering the world needs for resources, there is also greater awareness of the opportunities to be had in as far as establishing value add processing and manufacturing operations near or by resource site.

According to conference organiser, Suza Adam of Spindle Communications, “aside of the commercial benefits that beneficiation brings the mine, there will be a significant socio-economic benefits to communities and their countries as a whole.”

New drive by African governments to achieve more equitable sharing of their natural resources is already evidenced by intended actions to be taken by SA government
looking to introduce new legislation motivating and or compelling mining companies to invest in mineral beneficiation – other African countries are sure to follow.

There is a strong drive to further increase the exploration and mining of resources throughout Africa, however many African countries are now seeking a more equitable sharing of the benefits derived and thus are requiring greater participation in value chain of the minerals being mined.

To this extent new legislation, for example in South Africa, is already being formulated to motivate mining houses to develop/invest in mineral processing operations in addition to their current mining activities.
Therefore it stands to reason that mineral processing / beneficiation will see much commercial impetus over the next few years.

Madini Africa is designed to bring about the participation and interaction of mining houses, industrial manufactures, technology partners, mining consultants, environmental engineering companies, institutional investors, corporate and project financiers, government and municipal representatives etc. to explore the establishment of mineral processing initiatives as suitable to a particular geography i.e. its available set of resources, commercial validity, business prospects, amongst other aspects.

Ultimately the first and foremost intention of the event is to introduce well qualified investment opportunities to a well defined set of investors.

“This will result in a better "match-up" rate of success, as proposed projects are not ‘one size fits all’, says Adam.

Much of the Madini Africa's effort would concentrate and culminate during the 2 days event, showcasing the most promising of business & investment opportunities.

Before and after the event there will be a strong effort to collate and evaluate many opportunities which may not qualify to be participating in the main event. These projects or initiatives will not be cast aside but rather be offered to utilise alternative methods of engagement by the Madini Africa platform, and then be re- evaluated for participation in subsequent events.

The Madini Africa website, online video of proceedings, blog and related social networks on Facebook & Linkedin will offer participants the opportunity to have a measure of continuity in their efforts to seek the capital they need for their projects and for investors to interact with other like-mined investors seeking to participate or share in similar type of opportunities.

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I am interested to connect with investors and mining professionals in the hope that they would invest in a mining project in Congo, called Copaku. Contact me, Jojo Mwambay, at
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