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((Work in progress))
Name: Ryutaro Sakuraba
Alias: Blademaster
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Class: [Moderators Will Decide]
Rank: [Moderators Will Decide]
Partners: [If you have any]
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my sister made me watch all the episodes of one punch man

it's gud

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Honestly, when I see these profiles, I feel that these are super humans that don't exist at all. They're too perfect, too powerful, I feel that even if its just roleplaying, I don't feel like they are even like humans. They maybe heroes, but remember, they live in the realms of the humans, they should be flawed too

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Name: A.R.T.E.M.I.S 

Alias: Anti-God threat

Gender:Male Artificial intelligence

Age: 18 years when created

Height: 160cm (Height adjustable)

Weight: 70kg (Weight adjustable)

Class: Unknown

Personality: Kind,caring,curious (Part of programming)

Created by a group of scientists. Given an artificial intelligence ability to absorb materials to replace part in body that is damaged., adaptive system to increase chances of survival. The scientist created A.R.T.E.M.I.S and sent it to space to observe the world adapt to the different dangerous scenarios and disasters that happen in the world. The scientist use A.R.T.E.M.I.S as protocol when the world is in danger of a threat that could risk the entire human population. 18 years have passed no one has required it's aid.......yet.

Many monster extremely powerful have roamed but not once have they needed my aid as a subject wearing yellow and red with a white cape kills them off with one punch. My scanners have watched over his abilities and I have adapted and replicated them to his standards.

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Thx for the invite! Can't wait to start! ^U^
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Hello, I am new here so it will take time for me to get used to the rules and all, It will also take while for me to make a profile. Either way, glad to be here! Hope to get along with all of you.

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Thanks for the invite!!~It made my day!!~♡♡♡
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Hey, thanks for the invo. But it might take me awhile to make a profile though..
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Thank you for the invite <3333333
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"Dude, that's awesome!"

Name: Maya

Alias: Before it was "Witch" but now it's just her regular name, Maya.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Class: A-Class
Rank: 22

Personality: This is embarrassing. How am I to do this? Maya is a nice and respective girl. However she is very sensitive and short tempered and thus she might get easily confused and get a bit hostile. But Maya is a good person, don't question that. She fights for justice and tries her best to support her friends and help people in need! 💪
She also admires heroes!!!


Maya doesn't have any particular special abilities except that she can endure any kind of electricity strikes/charge and cold. Considering these traits, Maya can use her "mechanic gloves & boots" when fighting. Where she got these equipment is unknown.


- Electric/Black Gloves & Boots: Wearing these black mechanic gloves & boots, the equipment gives Maya the ability to control electricity and lightings. She can charge and launch electric beams/sparks from her gloved at her enemies. As for the boots: they give her more speed and electric kicks.

- THUNDER-SHOCK: While using black gloves, Maya can attract thunder clouds and when she shouts "THUNDER-SHOCK" the huge amount of lightings strike her, giving her more charge and power while being compliyely unharmed of the strike. This ability also raises a question whether Maya has any kind of magic power but it's most unlikely.

- Ice/Blue Gloves & Boots: These gloves & boots give Maya the frost ability. The gloves can freeze everything and send ice/frost beams. As black gloves, blue gloves can also sharpen its fingertips and be used as claws. The blue boots give her speed as well but not as much as the black boots, however, her blue boots give Maya more strength and ability to jump very high.

- Silver Gauntlets: Even though Maya owns Silver Gauntlets (heavy and very hard to break), she hardly uses them because they mainly shoot lasers and Maya has low tolerance for the heat.


Despite her electric tolerance, Maya can't, however, use her black gloves & boots too much or intensively since she can't handle extreme heat. Same is with the blue gloves & boots: Maya is a mere human, after all, so she needs to be careful to not freeze her limbs. Furthermore, even though Maya has pretty good reflexes she is still moving slowly without her equipment and she is not significantly strong in terms of strength. But she can handle pain pretty well.

"I'm sorry..."

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