No there is no body here lol

Is anyone still here XD

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Ok I might be crazy but when observing someone's emotions based on their face or hand or what ever

I barely get one emotion I get 2 or 3
Contradicting emotions instead but at the same time they seem incredibly valid to the situation
And no one else appears to notice these other emotions

OBJECTION this community has been quiet for too long and I have evidence to support this my last Phoenix wright comment was a long time ago(vague) ok actually it was right now but HOLD IT someone battle my Phoenix wright jokes with MOAR PHOENIX WRIGHT JOKES
OBJECTION I was trying to think of a comment while objecting... I didn't

Is there anyone here who is a fan of the ace attorney games besides me

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I don't know if this is true or not

Lol the Internet is a funky place sometimes and it's been a while since I did a fun poll so I ask what Do you think is the best part of the Internet
The community, the creations, or the search engine you use

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I think I killed the argument before it started also this vid is a fun glitch in majoras mask so if you like glitching the game to make it do weird stuff

Or your like me and you just glitch the game to break the visuals audio or gameplay or just crash it altogether

Have fun
the truth to the moon being so high up is the game was originally meant to have a 7 day time limit but was scrapped along with the nintendo 64 disk drive (majora's mask is my favorite game therefor it makes sense i have so much info on it that not many know) also if the game thinks it was beaten then the moon would be gone indicated by sky and cutscene showing the moon burning up sort of

now there is one argument i am currently expecting and i will debunk it right now
if the game had a scrapped 7 day time limit and now has the 3 day time limit shouldn't all the date be gone too?
no the data is not gone and to prove it majora's mask was a game that was made in about a year so it makes it highly unlikely they deleted the 7 day time limit but instead made it 3 days by making the cycle start at what would be the first day on the final version and to end the arguement before it truly starts the other thing would be a lack of moon in the sky in the final cutscene but here is the question now what does the game read that makes the moon appear as it does in the glitch? the answer would be it is reset instead of it being told play the cutscene and then start over at said value it couldn't play the cutscene confusing it to then reset the value of the day to the first of 7 days therefor displayig the moon as such (i have geeked so much here lol)

good luck giving a reasonable argument here
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