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Hey yo!
I made this community because well, I'm an aspiring author.
Although, I have two blogs and have written books on wattpad, that's not really my big dream.
My dream has always been to have my name imprinted on a hard covered book which I worked day and night on and to be recognized and appreciated for my work.
I'm 17 right now and I had a bucket list to publish my first novel before turning 16.
Oh well! That's gone.
Now, I'm working towards writing more mature than I normally do so that the readers wouldn't only be drawn to the story but also the writer.
So, I'll be dropping some tips of my own that I've quite learnt during my 8 years thirst for being a successful author and you can share yours as well. :)
Lovely, isn't it?
I know I'm not the only stranded teenager or adult who hasn't gone about publishing their first novel.
Maybe we could be found here. Who knows?
And please, positivity is the language here.
So with that said... Bye yo!
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