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EvolveSMS 5.0.0 BETA

Hey guys, put up a brand new version this morning, with some stuff that I think a lot of you will appreciate!

- Dual SIM support for Android 5.1+
- Blacklist messages are now case insensitive
- Always show the timestamp when searching messages
- Improvements to opening the app from the widget or the dynamic launcher shortcuts
- Improvements to re-displaying the attach button when typed message is deleted

The main feature here, obviously, is dual SIM support! This has been the main request for Evolve, since they started to become more widely used. If you have a dual SIM phone, Evolve is simply going to ask you which SIM you want to use to send the message. Very simple, but should be effective.

Enjoy the update everyone and let me know if these new features are working for you!

I'm loving Evolve from a long time but I think that its getting a little bit outdated in terms of "material design" and Google's stuff directions - colour themes doesn't look like material ones in Messenger by G... Also Messenger theme (my favourite one!) has old chat bubbles and stuff from previous app versions. And there is no BLACK colour in any theme to choose.

So my question: is it considered to be updated in future or there is theme in store that looks like googles app (with black feel would be awesome)? ;)

Is it just me or does the EvolveSMS Theme Store all not work anymore? It just keeps loading and never loads.

I don't see it on play store anymore. Was support dropped for it for some reason? Maybe I missed something?

The delete feature when set in Notification option does not work. The SMS still remains. It apparently could be a Nougat specific problem. Could you rectify please? Thanks.

Running 5.0.0 - been having a problem for the last couple weeks. Selecting a conversation in the widget causes Evolve to crash (although the widget remains). Once this happens, the widget is unresponsive to further attempts to select a conversation. Selecting the very top bar ("Messaging") on the widget still opens Evolve, however.

Hello can I set a default sim for sending because I don't want to choose the sim for every message?

PS : sorry for bad english

Recently had to switch from Sliding Messaging (which I adored!) because SMS no longer works on my brand new phone 😥. Assuming it's issues with marshmallow.

So welcome to evolve! Two questions, but most important first... How can i get evo to check Google Voice and pull those messages?

And no joy getting Slideover Messaging to work. I'm assuming i need to tweak some setting to get it to work, but not sure what. Already installed / reinstalled Evo after adding Slideover. Really miss that notification bubble!


Currently all sent text messages that were sent as 'Advanced Messages' do not show up in the EvolveSMS app. I just switched over to evolve and am missing all my sent messages since Android's 6.0.1 update which released the advance messages (which was turned on by default). It would be awesome if these could be accounted for and imported included in EvolveSMS

Is there anyway of making the incoming message peek on android 7.1.1?
I don't want to use the quick reply overlay, I would prefer to use the stock method!


Cannot delete messages from a thread. Either individually or in batch mode. MM on LG G4. Rooted unlocked. 
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