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Help us, please, Colonel Zocchi!

Been kinda Dead in here, what's going on with Save vs. Dragon, these days, +Richard LeBlanc?

Enjoying my print copy of the d30 Sandbox Companion.

I'm already getting plenty of use out of it, both for my own amusement and for use in my White Box campaign!

I did a little bit of showing off to my gaming group today when I rolled up a Stronghold with owner, patrol, type, size and construction in a few minutes while they were chatting away.

Wondering how I might get a PDF of the Settlement Worksheet.

Can you help +Richard LeBlanc?

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Just ordered a copy of the d30 Sandbox Companion and a pack of 6 d30s.

Looking forward to using them to take my White Box campaign to the next level.

Thanks +Richard LeBlanc!

I've submitted my random d30 adventure info for NTRPG Con...

Game Title: The Tower of Trianta
Game System: D&D B/X
Pregens: Rolled at table
Level of characters: Determined by the dice! (generally 1st-5th)
World/Setting: Generic

Beware the dreaded rhombic triacontahedron, for it will determine your fate as you ascend the Tower of Trianta! From the characters you play, to the contents of the location you'll explore, to the encounters you have while you're there... your rolls will determine your adventure! Don't have a d30? No worries... there will be plenty of extras on the table. Also feel free to bring your d30 Companions if you have them (but you shouldn't need them).

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This week's free d30 PDF download... mummies!

Is anyone willing to share a Word (or OpenText) template to create d30 tables? The tables look like a lot of fun, but I don't want to start out by spending time wrestling with Word over tables and formatting. Does anyone have a generic "Order ot the d30" template I could start with?

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Free PDF: d30 Ghoul/Ghast Generator!

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Another free d30 download that originated for my d30 session at the most recent NTRPGCon.

d30 Game for NTRPGCon 2018.

Need some input/feedback. Trying to decide on a good day/time for the d30 game, since I've found on Sunday mornings the last couple of years we've had to cut a bit early so folks weren't too late for flights leaving.

Thoughts are:
– Wednesday night (pre-con get-it-on)
– Thursday evening
– Saturday a.m.

But open to suggestions.
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