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Welcome to this community. I hope that you read the rules and respect them. In any case here's the gift that I promised my daddy.

Dear Dad,
These last few years have been chaos to say the least but, no matter what's thrown at our way you always seem to have some kind of way to get rid of the problem. I'm glad that you and mom adopted me and gave me a roof or two to live under. Even though I might not repair my relationship with mom I will always be your little girl. No matter how fare away I move or how log of a time I don't tell you how appreciative that I am to you and mom I'll always be glad that you're the dad figure in my life. I'll always be by your side even after moving out to help pay with the bills and for health care if it comes to that. Even though I might deniye it after you read this I'm glad that you're my father and I'm glad that Bev. is my mother figure even if I might not like to call her mommy. Also, things might look bad right now but, tomorrow's always another day. :3
Love your little girl, Angelina. :3
ps. I'll try to stop being so moody
about doing the dishes too. And,
I'll try to stop laying off on chores around
the house as long as I'm in good health
and in condition to be able to bend down, deal?
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