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1. Try to be nice please.
2. Not too much cussing.
3. Roleplay anything.
4. No spam please!
5. If you need help, ask me or some other people, we will help!
6. Be a nice community!
7. Remember that I don't know you but I still love you!
8. Please No sexual roleplays! Do those on private post.
9. If your going to play as someone, please let me know.
10. I might need help at some points...
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Here's a post of mine for it any of you have discord and follow the following rules/topics! Just go to the original post please! <3
Hey! To those that are roleplayers, please join this discord server!


The young girl trudged through the snow, her skin trembling as her lips quivered, turning blue as she went through the cold as ice snow, chilled. Step by step, the light of the wood cabin grew closer, and the humming coming from it in waves from the wind got louder. She held her arms together, close to her body to stay warm, her feet frozen for she couldn't feel them anymore. She slowly got to the cabin, she walked up to it, her body shaking badly as the cold eased through her skin and to her bones, causing her to shiver and shake even more. She slowly raised her freezing arm to the door, knocked 3 times, and held herself once more. She heard the humming stop, and a couple footsteps... 'step, step, step, step, step... click!' She looked up to see an old woman standing at the door, her eyes widened in shock seeing the freezing girl. She quickly grabbed the girl by wrapping her arm around her shoulder, and took her inside to prepare a warm fire for this girl to not turn to an icicle.

THAT'S what we want, not this:

The girl walked through the snow with a bit of effort and reached the cabin as the voice grew louder, she knocked on the door as an old lady opened it, she took the girl inside and started a fire for her.

[BAD EXAMPLE!!!! ^^^^]

Please Join if you're able to make a paragraph that's ACTUALLY VERY DESCRIPTIVE! I would like for people that are like this to join because when you don't give much detail it makes the story boring! So PLEASE, Join if you have that skill. I'm sorry if I'm being strict, but we NEED GOOD ROLEPLAYERS!

{Please talk to the owner before adding anyone. I am the owner }

vvv DISCORD LINK!: vvv

+Jennifer Ford
(just in case) +Ava B
+Pluѕнιe• тeх
+Pet Lover
+Fritty Vargas
+Pencily Goop
+ anyotherpeopleIforgot;-;

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*Name: reaper

*Age: Unknown

*Alignment: true neutral

*Birthday: Unknown

*Current Home: none (he moves around)

*Class: solder

*Sex: none

*Sexuality: none

*Species: machine

*Soul type: none

*Talents/quirks: none

*Hobbies: n/a

*Likes: killing

*Dislikes: being shut down

*Weapons/Attacks/abilities: energy rifle, laser chain saw (left arm), mini gun (right arm).

*Debuffs/handicaps/cons: none

*Family: none

*friends: none

*Relationship status: n/a

*Bio/timeline: it was constructed in a factory but went rouge after a programming error..


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Hello this is my Oc

Name - Katie Woods
age - (looks like she's in her teens)
likes- magic things. the woods,friends,internet, animals,water
dislike - lies , bullies , people who think their better than everyone else. spiders fire
favorite color - black and purple

looks like
eyes - dark blue
hair - light brown
height - average for her age
outfit - black purple or white normally (rarely wears a dress)
other- wears glasses

has a cat
story - Her Mom died when she was 2 years old. She lives with her Dad and her cat Milo (an orange cat)\/.

She's been trained to used a sword.

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I would love to meet my senpai in person o///w///o

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Vanilla White
Age: 16 and proud x3
Is a sugary white neko smol owo

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Take some eddworld?
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I only made this community 19 weeks ago? Shocking...

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Here is my question, who would like to be a moderator? Why? What would you do?
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