Hi, back to translating NetBeans.
Geertjan, I saw you blogged about Trancestris and the possibility of using it to translate NetBeans.

I'm a Trancestris regular user. Would you care to create the zip bundles for testing? I'd be glad to try them.

Great 2016 for all.

Hello,i am new in NetBeans translators....i am watch tutorial's and i please if anyone can say me wath is first step to do for translating application platform?
Dino,best reagrd's.

Some module language seems to be missing @ version 8.0

ant -f
C:\\Users\\Administrador\\Documents\\NetBeansProjects\\NBLocalizado\\8.0\\LocalizedNetBeans run

C:\Program Files\NetBeans 8.0.2\harness\suite.xml:130: Cannot open C:\Users\Administrador\Documents\NetBeansProjects\NBLocalizado\8.0\LocalizedNetBeans\cs\nbproject\project.xml
BUILD FAILED (total time: 0 seconds)

It's awfully quiet here.
Is this project still working?
I'm not getting any updates and I would really like to see my translation work in action!


I clone all NetBeans sources from repository .
Is there easy way to import all (or some parts of NetBeans) files from
en-sources (properties, url, html...) for translation, and after
translation copy this files back?
I want to find a way to use CAT (computer aided translation tool).

One of the ways is something like:
find netbeans_repository -name Bundle.properties -exec cp --parents
\{\} /home/andriy/data/source/netbeans4translation \;

but I don't know what files to translate. And don't understand files
and directories hierarchy of sources.

I find through the Internet and find out different contraversal
manuals on older releases of NetBeans.

Thank you

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I recently got the tiny blue icon near the module name.
Does this means it is to commit as well?
Thank's in advance for any help.


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I think this string needs correction. It should read '...stop command...'

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can someone tell me what 'Mixins' are?
Thank you.

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back to the translations.

Check the image. This happens in some lines, when I type characters with accents, they aren't always inserted. I have then to paste a whole line of accentuated characters, copy the ones I need, paste them in the sentence, cut the line and save.

There must be something different in those translations.


Happy New Year to all of you !
Bonne et heureuse annee avec NetBeans
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