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How many touches does it take your readers to touch your content before they click your test-drive button?
Content Marketing Myth

If it takes a Primo SEO Shop like Moz 7½ touches before someone will click their 30 Day Free Trial Button?

How many touches will it take someone to find, see , read and share your content before they hit your buy button?

Fast Forward to 4:58 for the punchline

Link to this week's WBF

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Which Metric is More Important?

Total Visits
Time on Site
Bounce Rate
USA Ranking

At the end of the day, who really cares about

how many come, how long they stay, if they see 1 or 10 pages and where you are in the USA website ranking pecking order if you phone doesn't ring the cash register?
10 Social Media Marketing Blogs You Should Follow
A +SlideShare by +Neil Ferree with tips on improving your blog by following blogs using SEO/SEM Metrics of Alexa vs Similar Web comparing:

 1) Total Visits
2) Duration
3) Page Views
4) Bounce Rate and 6 other Categories used to Rate a Social Media Marketing Blog.

See it here:
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Shoppable Hangout

Real-time commerce via the Shoppable Hangout where all you need is a site with a shopping cart.

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Here is the YouTube link: 
Shoppable Hangouts with Google's Ria Tobaccowala

The Google Plus team has been in tests with Shoppable Hangouts.  Join Google's +Ria Tobaccowala and +Ronnie Bincer and I as we talk about how they work, and whatever it is that Google can share about their plans for them.

The show will be at 3 PM EDT (Boston time) on Thursday March 27th. Say YES to this invite to make sure you get access to the video at show time or later.  The YouTube link will also be shared here for mobile viewers.

Please share the event and/or invite others!

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This is what your next nextgen content marketing strategy should include? 
Content Marketing Concepts taken to the Next Level

The 62 slides in this SS deck by +Lee Odden will inform and educate and (should) motivate you to get serious about how to execute a nextgen content marketing strategy to grow your business.

h/t +TopRank Online Marketing 

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Social Dashboard in Gmail
I like the new Gmail Theme Google sent me today. 

The color coded Gmail folders look OK in Sydney 
All Mail folder renders the social triggers as before
Are there too many green social signals folders ?

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Let Me Google that for You

This animated Google Search routine on the Fly has the potential to help get your marketing message to stand out under the right circumstances?

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Social Content Marketing

According to +Cynthia Hartwig "We all have to write and we all have to write well" if we want to compete nowadays and from my perch she's dead on the marker!
Social Content Marketing has changed Everything

Two Pens teaches business people how to write for social media and create an authentic social media identity.

h/t +Cynthia Hartwig 

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Content Aggregator site like Rebel Mouse and Twylah and are not as fine tuned as say and Curata but they do a decent job of scanning the web for your content and packaging like they do here!

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Does your G+ Brand Page need more attention?

If you've been thinking about taking your content marketing campaigns to the next level, this new feature set from might be exactly what you need to get there.

#scoopit   #contentmarketing   #jnferree for Google+ Brand Pages goes Live

If you're like me, your G+ Personal Page has 10x times as many followers are your G+ Business Page → right?

In my case, my G+ personal page has a little over 31,000 followers whereas my Business Page has a little over 2,500 followers which is even more than 10x times.

That all changed today, now that I can share content from my page directly to my G+ Business Page the same way I do Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter without missing a beat. 

This article explains in more details this new feature function set.

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Content Marketing and Social SEO go hand-in-hand these days.

Given the recent massive growth in content marketing in both B2B & B2C market segments, one would think there would be many more Google+ profiles that contain content marketing in their skill set?

As is stands Q1 in 2014 these are the Top People on Google Plus that have Content Marketing in their skillset.

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Top Google+ Profiles for Content Marketing

Of the 180 million Google+ profiles that GPlusData has indexed there are only 2,061 profiles that contain content marketing

Link to GPlusData search results

This number seems extremely low given the impact content marketing has on Google organic rankings or am I missing something?

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