Name: Mary the Doll (When she was alive she was Mary Thorn)
Age: 15
Height: 5'4.
Weapon: A pair of scissors
Looks: She has long wavy auburn hair, pale skin, slim, ivy green eyes, she wears a dark pink version of Aya's dress from Mad Father, blood on the apron, grey stockings, black flats, a white bow in her hair, a rose gold heart locket
Likes and Dislikes: You'll find out in the RP
Personality: You'll find out in the rp, she is a Kuudere
Theme song: The Game Of Life (Vocaloid song)

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Name: Bleeding Thorn (a.k.a. Me! Lol)
Age: 16
Personality: nice, funny, badass, bipolar
Likes: candy, games, electronics, anime, nice friends, blood and gore
Dislikes: Over makeup brat girl stereotypes, bullies, annoying people
Weapon: Katana
(I took a picture and edited it to my own liking, the original goes to the rightful maker, and I might do a backstory for Thorn)

I speak English

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Name: Marshall lee
Age: 170 in human years 17 in vampire years
Personality: strange kind a bit of a joker
Likes: blood and being around friends and fionna and prince gumball
Hates: jerks who hurt anyone around him
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Love creepypastas:3

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Name :Shy Heart
Abillitys:runns AS fast AS a cheeta , different visions, can make ans sound Or voice perfect,really strong
Look:-Brown hair
-blue eyes
-a tail with spikes
-and Wings one withe the other back
-pointy ears
Friends:proxys .lj.ben
Enemys:zalgo and his minions
Loves:Animals ,music,painting
Hates: loud noises, animal hater ,strangers in her terethory
Bio: Parents and brother got kidnapped by Zalgo she grew up in the wild raised by animals and slender have her a Chance to live in the Mansion

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Name: Michael
Gender: Male
Age: 19, I think
Race: Human
Pasta name: Slasher

Weapons: A simple, but effective switchblade

Likes: Blood, the color Navy Blue, and sushi
Dislikes: affection, the color yellow, and sunlight

Flaw: caring about victims for a time

Weakness: little sister and older brother (both dead)

Bio: had an abusive father who killed my mother and baby sister, severely injured my older brother and tried to kill me, woke up in the hospital with my brother next to me, he died, but I lived, I feel like their deaths were my fault. Left the hospital early and killed my douchebag of a father and have been living in different houses the past 3 years.

Status: killer and new guy

Appearance: 6'5", blonde, scars all over his body and a large patch of skin missing from where his heart should be, has one blue eye and one green (originally belonging to his brother)

Quotes: "Do I look like I care?" And "Piss off"

(Just look at my profile pic to know what my cp character looks like)
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