I'm a male looking for Descriptive (5+ Lines), Switch, Dom, Sub girls. For Femboy role, ask about the roles because they are not listed here, and you must be a dom. The ones i'm looking for the most are bolded.

You're able to be more than one character if you want, from any fandom. I have a scenario for that situation.

Some role's stories don't change even with a change in dominance.

You must read the rules in my pinned post on my profile before asking to rp with me at all.

(D)-Dominant, (S)-Submissive, (D/Sw)-Mostly Dominant Switch, (S/Sw)-Mostly Submissive Switch, (F)-Futa Optional

Choose one you want to try out, and comment as well as comment any other Fandom characters you want to try.~

Shapeshifter if you can't decide on if you want to be more than one character?


((Video Games))

*-Zarya, Widowmaker, Tracer, D.Va, and/or Mercy From Overwatch (D,D/Sw,S,S/Sw)
-Chell or GLaDOS from Portal(D,D/Sw)
-Jinx and/or Vi and/or Caitlyn, Katarina, Lux, Nidalee, Ashe, Annie, Poppy, Lulu, Tristana or Miss Fortune From League Of Legends (D,S/Sw,D/Sw)
-Mushroom Woman, Naomi Detox, Kiwako Seto, Female Fighters/Female Haters, Jackels from Let it Die!(D,D/Sw)*
-Lammy Lamb(S,S/Sw)
-Wii Fit Trainer(D,S/Sw,D/Sw)
*-Aloy From Zero Dawn Horizon(D,D/Sw)
-2B from NieR: Automata(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Archer, Queen Archer, Villager, or Valkyrie from Clash of Clans(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)*
-Emi or Rin from Katawa Shoujo(D,D/Sw)
*-Clara from Watchdogs 1(D,D/Sw)
-Sitara from Watchdogs 2(D,D/Sw)*
-Quiet From MGSV(D,D/Sw)
-Valentine, Parasoul, Peacock, or Squigly From Skull Girls(D,D/Sw)
-Samus Arin from Metroid(D,D/Sw)
*-Chloe Price and/or Max From Life Is Strange(D,D/Sw)
-Lara Croft From Tomb Raider(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Chun Li, Poison, Or Juri Han from Street Fighter(D,D/Sw)
-Muffet, Undyne, Or Mettaton From Undertale(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Marie And Callie from Splatoon(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)*
-Aqua, Namine, or Kairi From Kingdom Hearts(D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)
-Lightning, Yuna, Or Rikku From Final Fantasy(D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)
*-Midna or Zelda From Legend Of Zelda(D,D/Sw)
-Kumatora From Mother(D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)
-Any Of The Romanceable Girls From Stardew Valley(D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)
-Moira Brown, Buttercup, Amata Almodovar, or Random Female Raider From Fallout 3(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Piper, Cait, Curie, Female Raider, or Female Sole Survivor From Fallout 4(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Aela And/Or Lidia From Skyrim(D,D/Sw)*
-Maya And/or Lilth, Gaige, Or Mad Moxxi From Borderlands(D,D/Sw)
-Princess Daisy In a Ghost Gangbang(S,S/Sw,D/Sw)
-Candela Or Blanche from Pokemon Go(D,D/Sw)
-Magma Or Aqua Grunt From Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire(D,D/Sw)
-Pokemon Sun/Moon Girls: Plumeria, Mallow, Mina, Acerola, Anabel, Lusamine, Pokemon Breeder, Team Skull Grunt Females/Punk Girls.(D,D/Sw)

((Shows & Other))

-Zone-Tan (D,D/Sw)
*-Jessica Rabbit(D,D/Sw)
-TenTen, Sakura, Hinata, Konan, Ino, or Tsunade From Naruto(D,D/Sw)*
-Asuka and/or Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
*-Sucy Mababaran From Little Witch Academia(D,D/Sw)
-Tohru, Elma, Or Adult Kanna From Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid(D,D/Sw)
-LisaLisa, Yukako, Reimi, Mariah, Gwess, Ermes, Foo Fighters, or Jolyne/Irine from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(D,D/Sw)
-Lindsay, Gwen, Courtney,Heather, or Zoey from Total Drama Island(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Nona and/or Chiyuki from Death Parade(D,D/Sw)*
-Shinon Or Lizbeth From Sword Art Online(S/Sw,S,D/Sw)
*-Liz And Patty From Soul Eater(D,D/Sw)
-Blair and/or Maka, Crona, or Tsubaki From Soul Eater(D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)*
-Leeloo From Fifth Element(D,D/Sw)
*-Yoko from Langan Gurran(D,D/Sw)
-Amethyst from Steven Universe(D,D/Sw)
-Satsuki, Nonon, or Ryuko From Kill La Kill(D,D/Sw)*
-Shinon from Darker Than Black(S,S/Sw)
*-Esdeath From Akame Ga Kill(D)
-Panty And/or Stocking From PaSwGB(D,D/Sw)*
-Mizore Shiriyuki or Moka From Rosario+Vampire(D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)
*-Mamimi and/or Haruko From Fooly Cooly/FLCL(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Toph and/or Katara From Avatar The Last Airbender(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)*
-Tsuyu Asui From My Hero Academia(D,D/Sw)
-MLP Anthro Girls(Ask which are available)(D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)
*-Marceline and/or Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Erza, Levy, Lucy, Juvia, Lisanna, or Mirajane from Fairy Tail.(D,D/Sw)
-Nami and/or Robin from One Piece.(D,D/Sw)
-Horo from Spice and Wolf(D,D/Sw)
-Starfire, Raven, Blackfire, or Jinx From Teen Titans(D,D/Sw)
-Halibel, Yoruichi, Orihime, Nozomi, or Kukaku From Bleach(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Anna And/or Elsa From Frozen(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Bulma, Vados, or Android 18 From Dragon Ball(D,D/Sw)
-Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars(D,D/Sw)
-Saeko Busujima and/or Saya Takagi from Highschool of the Dead(D,D/Sw)
-Mavis From Hotel Transylvania(D,D/Sw)
-Rem and/or Ram From Re:Zero(D,D/Sw)
-Lala, Suu, Zombina, Or Papi From Monster Musume(D,D/Sw)
-Sasha From Attack On Titan(D,D/Sw)
-Touka From Tokyo Ghoul(S/Sw,D/Sw,S)
-Candace From Phinas And Ferb(D,D/Sw,S/Sw,S)*
-Kushieda Minori from Toradora(D/Sw,S/Sw,S)
*-Marinette/Ladybug, Alix Kubdel/ Timebreaker, Lila Rossi/ Volpina From Miraculous Ladybug(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Konata from Lucky Star(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Wednesday from Addams Family(D,D/Sw)*
-Selenia from Arthur and The Invisibles(D,D/Sw)
*-Eren Ensurance Or Flo(D,D/Sw,S,S/Sw)
-Haruhi Suzumiya(D,D/Sw)*
-White Tiger From Ultimate Spiderman(D,D/Sw)
-Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Aya, Miss Martian, Powergirl, Starfire, or Supergirl from DC Comics (D,D/Sw)
-Lady Eboshi Or San From Princess Mononoke(D,S/Sw,D/Sw)
-Zeta, Sally, Cream, Vanilla, Amy and/or Rogue from Sonic(D,S/Sw,S)

((Non-Fandom RP))

-Suzy and/Or Holly From The Game Grumps(S,D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Shima, Ladybot, Pandora, or Doopie From Planet Dolan (D,D/Sw)
-Slutty Red Riding Hood (D,D/Sw)
-A slutty vampire girl (D)
-Perverted Female Roommate(D)
-Sex-Ed Teacher (D,D/Sw)
-Pirate Captain(D,D/Sw)
-Goth Girlfriend(D,D/Sw,S,S/Sw)
-Test Subject(D/Sw,D)(F)
-Horny Wolf Girl(D)
-Clown Girl(D)
-A witchy girlfriend(D)
-Female Bully(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Sex Shop Employee(S,D/Sw,D,S/Sw)
-Curious Childhood friend(D,D/Sw)
-Childhood Guy Friend Turned into a Girl(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Horny Werewolf Girl(D,D/Sw)
-Elf Girl(S,S/Sw,D/Sw)
-Cheating Girlfriend(D)
-Robotic Sexbot(D)
-Robotic Female Mistress(D)
-Nudist Girlfriend(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Airhead Childhood/Best Friend thats interested in Sex(D,D/Sw)
-Tomboy Childhood Friend(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Tomboy Sports Girl Gangbanged by Male Sports Team Members(D,D/Sw)
-Escaped Prisoner(D)
-Head Cheerleader(D,D/Sw)
-Hitwoman/Bounty Hunter Coming for Revenge(D)
-Oni girl (D)
-Day of The Dead RP(D,D/Sw)
-Halloween RP(D,D/Sw)
-Thanksgiving RP (D,D/Sw)
-Valentine RP(D,D/Sw)
-Christmas RP(D,D/Sw)
-Ghost Girl (D)
-Ghost Girl possessing a Doll To Take "Life Force"(D,D/Sw)
-Racoon Girl(D,D/Sw)
-Farmhand/Country Girl (D)
-Demon girl(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-Angel and Devil(Either Both are D,D/Sw Or One is D and the other is S,S/Sw)

((Established Plot Names))((The Ideas Can Be Explained If You Choose Them))

-Pool Party(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-The Stage Wasn't Made For These Kind of Performances(D)
-Trying Something New (And Getting Caught)(D,D/Sw)
-A Day At the Massage Parlor(D,D/Sw)
-Spring Break At a Nude Beach?!(D,D/Sw)
-Getting Lost in The Forest(D,D/Sw,S/Sw)
-A Lucky Ticket(D)
-An Animator's Dream(D)
-A Bethesda Quest(D)

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You were my teacher of Orientation,the class about the birds and the bee's. This was my only weak class. It was too embarrassing for me so my grades were very low in this class. One day before I left your class you told me to stay some extra time, since it was the last class there was no trouble.

Pp only//

Dominant and intimidating..Please//

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((Anyone want to rp with this scenario? Girls, futas, and femboys only, please! And please be descriptive.))
I walk the busy halls of the boarding school. I had just transfered in and I gotta say, I felt really lonely... To make matters worse, we have to wear these stupid skirts. I usually wear skirts, but these felt way too short. One gust of wind would reveal I'm wearing cat-ear panties.... How embarrassing.
I'm walking down the halls, lost in my own thoughts when BAM!
I run into another student, falling on my butt.

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Rp open to any females
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Any dominant person wants to rp? I dont care if female, futa or male. I can play as femboy or normal male you can choose amd i am opem for all kinks amd fetishes

Would anyone like to roleplay?
I'm ok with anyone as long as they're dominant~
And please don't text talk
Use actual words and good grammar
And be descriptive! 2 lines at the minimum

I was on my way to work, I worked the night shift tonight but I was running extremely late. There was a huge patch of woods between me and my work. I needed a quicker way to get there so I decided to cut through the woods even tho no one has ever been found once they went it. I was scared but I was also late. I also happened to b in heat and I've heard some creatures in the woods can smell when a human is in heat but I decided to go in anyway. Once I was a good way in I felt like someone or something was watching me but I just ignored the feeling and kept walking h...hello? Is someone there? (Male needed)

(I haven't role played in a long while, so please excuse that xD)
You and I have been friends for a long while. We've been flirtatious with each other for a while as well, both liking one another but only thinking the flirting is innocent cause neither of us know about the others feelings. Tonight is our annual sleep over and at the moment we're watching a movie. In the past we have playfully touched each others breasts, and I've learned that yours a fairly sensitive. Back to us watching the movie, I sigh to myself getting a bit bored and I look over to you. You're obviously into the movie and don't realize me looking over to you. I look back at the movie and smirk getting an idea, raising my hand up slowly so you don't notice, I grab one of your beasts and squeeze a little "honk honk" *I say chuckling keeping a hold on your boob waiting for a reaction*
(just state your name and then start from where I left off) 

Nasir was your everyday college student. He would study(When he felt like it), go out to parties, smoke and drink. He was very sociable even though he didn't have a lot of friends, but that was only because his picked and choose the people that he associated with. Today Nasir wanted to go the local manga/book store to buy more mangas. He was a regular at the store, but he notice that the cashier girl that was normally there was gone and someone else stood in here place. Nasir had never seen her in the store before, so like the friendly guy he was he went over to introduce himself to the new girl. He went over to her and begin to chat her up "Hey, I've never seen you in this book store before. You must be new. Well allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nasir." The female looked at Nasir and smiled, but that is all she did. She didn't say anything just smiled at him, so Nasir tried talking to her again. "Soooo what is your name?" he asked her. This time she spoke to him [My name is.....There are customers behind you. Now please step aside and let me take care of them]. She smiled and wave her hand to the side, signaling him to move to the side. Nasir looked at her then move to the side and eventually leaving without buying anything. When he went back to his apartment he took a shower and ate, but the mysterious female was on his mind.

The next morning Nasir got dress after he showered of course and continued with his everyday routine. Noon soon came around and he decided to go back to the book store. He wasn't going there to buy a book, but to see the mysterious female and try to talk to her. This continued for about a week until one day she saw Nasir enter the store then stop him. [Hey, guy, you come in here everyday and don't but shit and to be honest it is creeping me out. Are you a stalker or something? Why do you continue to come in here and try to talk me up?]. Nasir looked at her and laughed nervously then said "Yeah, about that the reason why I come in here as often as I do and try to chat you up is because I would get to know you better." She laughed and leaned forward on the counter in front of her then looked at him. [Get to know me? You don't want that trust me. I'm nothing but trouble and if you tryna pursue a romantic relationship with me, you really don't want that.].  Nasir smiled and replied to want she said "Yes, I wanna get to know you and as far as the romantic relationship goes maybe I do want that. How about we go out sometime?". The female let out an annoyed sigh then nodded her head [God damn it! Fine we can go out on one date and if you play your cards right there might be a second date. Come by the here tomorrow at 5:00 and don't be late or I'm closing the store and going back home. Got it! Now are you going to buy something?]. Nasir shock his head and left the book store, laughing and going home.

The next day........

//Female needed and Please state your characters name and appearance
//Please 5+ lines which means NO one liners that really pisses me off.
//Don't be afraid to get creative, you know drugs, drama, whatever.
//If you get bored and wanna stop the role play just tell me and there will be no hard feeling. Don't just abandon the rp without telling me.
//Lastly have fun.

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