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Sinful love
Almost related to the Seven Deadly Sins series
Her name is Diana and she is human size.
You can be any character you want as long as he is part of the seven deadly sins.
Males needed

As being part of the seven deadly sins, it was a wild ride of saving people and showing the world how much we were evil. The group was perfect and it had no pain. I was the knight of Envy also a princess. My princess identity was secret and it was hard enough to tell the others. For you, the captain, it was even harder. We were together and it was perfect. Until, you and the others left me with many knights to fight. It nearly cost my life.

10 years past, you were searching for the last deadly sin and it was me, Diana. But, my name was changed to North. My kingdom was know to have the sin of envy here and I used my gift to protect my kingdom. My older brother was the ruler along with my father. It was boring to my eyes since there was no adventure awaiting for me in the kingdom. So, my brother decided to go for a walk with me and you were searching for me.

As we were walking, you bumped into me and I glared at you. My brother pulls me away and told me to look happy. I did and hanged out in the city we have. Couple hours past, a fight of other knights and ours happened on the center of the city. I jumped in and used my sword to block his attack which sent him hitting a wall. Our Knights moved out of the way and you...
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Any girl want be personal slave of vampire lord? Neko welcomed.

If you are interested, read my pinned post before asking for RP.
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We’re both brother and sister and after last night party we somehow got lost in the woods, so now we’re trying to find the road, but after hours of arguing we find something more special.

(Open rp, my lit will depend on your respond)

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Just friends~

*You had known me for a long time. We both met in middle school and became friends pretty quick. We hung out played games together all the time and never left each others side. During high school we slowly came closer and teased one another for most of the years. But in our senior year i invited you over to sleep over and play games again. But by the time the night had come around i had pulled you onto my lap softly grinding against my crotch*o

(Just friends?)
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Hey, I'm looking for a submissive girl to rp with, the kinkier the better. I would also like to make a "friend" if anyone is interested. I am a dominant guy who likes to humiliate his slaves and can be somewhat cruel. Hangouts, Snapchat, or Kik is Preferred.

male dragon (you) X female human (me) rp anyone

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Cannibal rp anyone please? Female only
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Gσd dλϻπ гιɢнτ ψσυ sнσυld ϐε sςλгεd σғ ϻε.
凡山下凵乚 モ几モ尺Gㄚ
YØЦ'尺Ɛ らㄈΛ尺ɪЛƓ ௱Ɛ
Mɪらら ௱Ϥ ௱ɪらŤ尺Ɛらら

[ Devil Mistress.]

// I'm not much of a top but I'd like to try it- so a submissive/switch need~!

Devil Mistress Named ' Rachel Gardner ' people who summon her, anyone, female, or male could possibly be her servant, or.. Her personal sexual play toy. It's their choice if they wouldn't answer her question. She would get bored and leave them. Of course she needed pleasure, each person she found she didn't feel anything she wanted a partner. Who will pleasure her. Pleasure her, her way.
No one pleasured her. but sure she's says that right after finding [Y/N] Could she possibly have fun with this little one? She wanted to wait for awhile before playing with he/her and see if the feeling she had was real, in his/her's bedroom is where Rachel and [Y/N] are right now.
' If you want this contract with me, you'll have to choose one of these two choices. '
One - be my servant, feed, clean my house anything a butler/maid would do. Or a slave.
Two - be my personal sexual play toy.

// And it'll continue on from there! I'll give some rules to do this roleplay~! So the passwords~
You'll have to read/type the words in a regular font obviously ( in the intro )
Where is Rachel and [Y/N] ?
You'll have to choose one of the choices.
Be descriptive.
// That's all I guess?? So answer these three questions / a password to do this with me!

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Name: Yukima
Nickname: Yuma
Gender: Female
Species: Kitsune
Sexuality: Bi, but mostly likes girls.
Appearance: Picture
Turn on: Grabbing/Squeezing my butt, Groping my breasts, Nibbling on my ears.
Turn offs: Pulling my tail.

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//He was posted as clinically insane... but he was a normal kid once...//

The town was quiet in it's own chaotic way. Cars were blaring horns through the cold night, their wheels splashing through puddles from rain the night before. You walked down the streets troubled by the name written on the folder you had received the day before; Tate Jackson.
You and I had been friends growing up, just typical kids surviving the mad jungles of a schoolyard, skinning our knees and rocketing to the moon. We were just as close throughout middle school, even though I moved away. We managed to stay in touch, becoming thick as thieves. I would visit you whenever I could. The older I got, the more clear it became that I was going through hard times. I explain to you that I never told you about my troubles because I was too happy about you being there. I had forgotten about them when I was with you. Then it was that I wouldn't trouble you with my problems. Though I wouldn't tell you anything I never let it get between us. In fact, by highschool we even dated. I managed to move back so I could be near you and everything was perfect. We moved in together, you were my first and we had plans. I loved to surprise you and I was always a dork until it was time to be serious. Then things started to go down. We had a good moment, but we slipped right out of each others grip and fast. We both had separate problems at that point and agreed that splitting up was the only thing that could save our relationship, just until we could figure ourselves out again. It wasn't part of the deal to completely drop contact, but with in a week, I did.
That was almost three years ago and you haven't heard from me since. You work with one of the best mental facilities. You were the one they called when no one else could handle a case.
"We have no ideas left. We haven't even been able to get into that padded room- he put three of our doctors and security in the hospital last week. We need you."

But I never hurt a soul in my life. I was sensitive and emotional always, treating even the meanest people like they were fragile, other then you.
The file says I was born at the hospita, my mother having been a patient at the time. A woman you had never met. Things start to unravel in the most confusing of ways and you realize there was plant about my past you never knew.

As soon as you get inside the building, all three doctors in charge stand eagerly and you lead you to where I was held in the basement behind max security.

"We haven't been able to get him to respond all day. He does this sometimes where he doesn't seem to be part of reality anymore. We're finding symptoms of DID as of recent, but we can't even get a scan of him. He wont let us.."

The door opens and I was just leaning there, all my weight against the chains mindlessly, not responding to the presence in the room. then you-

(This will be sort of mystery and romance. I need a very descriptive roleplayer, Male only please. His name is Tate, he's 21 year old. He has two sides to him(Shy, sweet and dorky, then a rebellious, rude, slightly more violent side), and he's sub.( he can get a little more rough and violent in his darker form). He will respond to your character, don't be shy. Everything will be explained in the roleplay, and history will be added, I just didn't want to make the intro too long. During intimate scenes, no talk of urine or scat. Other then that, everything goes. Explain your character in the rp, and please ask for a pp. No rp on hangouts, thanks guys)
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