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Hi everyone,

Thanks to those of you who are up-to-date on answering the daily topics. For those of you who are a bit behind, please try to catch up today on the topics you’ve missed. We understand you’re all incredibly busy but today is the last day we want you to feedback on your assigned technology features. For the final day, tomorrow (!), we’ll be asking you to take a look at the features you haven’t been evaluating and tell us your likes and dislikes.

SO back to today. As you know, this research is for Jaguar Land Rover. With this in mind, today we want you to discuss the following topics:

Q1. What do you think about Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles offering the digital personal assistant?
a. Is it a surprise or do you expect it from these brands?
b. Do you expect it from Jaguar more than Land Rover or vice versa?
c. Does it change your perception of these brands? If so, in what way?

Q2. Do you know of any other car brands that offer this type of feature? If so, which ones and how do they compare?

Q3. When buying your next car would this type of feature impact which brand of vehicle you purchased?
a. To what extent would this feature increase your interest in buying a Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle instead of a competitor vehicle without it?
b. Would you consider a Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle if competitor brands were offering these features but Jaguar and Land Rover did not?
c. Is there a particular app that could influence your vehicle choice? If yes, which one/s and why?

Q4. If sold as an extra, how much would you be prepared to spend on the digital personal assistant?
a. Please specify your minimum and maximum price range for:
b. A digital personal assistant

Similar to yesterday we have an extra question from the Jaguar Land Rover team that they’d really appreciate getting your thoughts on:

During the online survey you were introduced to the idea of a premium concierge, a service delivered by a real person who books restaurants and hotels, finds points of interest and puts addresses directly into your navigation system for you.....

Q1. If you haven’t done so already, please tell us which option you prefer and why – the premium concierge or digital personal assistant? What would be the benefits / drawbacks of the premium concierge? How much would you be willing to pay for this service?

When answering this question please assume the digital personal assistant would allow you to control your car by speaking naturally.
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Day 6, Q1: I think if it works well and is responsive in an atmosphere that is inherently noisy, then I would be all for it.
a. I think it would be in keeping with the JLR brands to offer a digital assistant.
b. I equate the two brands as being equal, so I would expect it from both.
c. It does not change my perspective of either brand. I think that offering a digital assistant will become more the norm than the differentiating feature in the very near future.

Day 6, Q2: No.

Day 6 Q3: I'm not sure it would impact which brand I purchased, but as a tie breaker it might influence me one way or the other.
a. If all else was equal and JLR offered the digital assistant and the other brand did not, it would likely influence me to purchase the JLR.
b. Yes, I would still consider the JLR brands even if they did not offer the digital assistant.
c. Yes, the maps app (Google or Apple). the navigation feature on my LR is just terrible. It's too hard to enter destinations and doesn't offer real-time data on traffic.

Day 6, Q4: If sold as an extra, I'd pay the same amount as a phone or iPad, assuming similar quality and features (approx $500-600).
a/b: minimum and max price range for digital assistant depends on what it is attached to. I can't see buying just the assistant given that my iPad already gives me the features I need. So without access to Maps for instance, the assistant would not be of much use.

Day 6, Additional Questions:
Q1: I think a digital personal assistant would be more useful to me while in my car. I don't think doing other kinds of event planning should be completed while driving. The digital assistant on the other hand could assist me with information related to my trip (traffic, weather, police, etc...). I would not pay for a premium concierge service.

I have/had something similar with the Lexus. It was free for 6 months and then you had to pay for it and I never continued with it. You could call a number and they would send the address to your navigation. It was useful when I just knew the name of the place. Saved me time from having to look it up and then I out it myself. Don't think it had the option of booking reservations but a nice feature. Not sure how often I'd use that bc most times I do that while I'm home but doing it while driving saves time so I'd say I'd prefer the person versus the digital

D6. Q1.
A- I would expect LR and Jaguar to have personal assistant in their cars.

B-I think people who drive these brands are white collar professionals and would really take advantage of having a personal assistant on their car ride. I do not expect one more than the other to have it. I see them both having it.

C- I think these car brands are thinking of their drivers as a whole and what would be most beneficial for their clients.

D6. Q2.
I do not know of any other brands that have a Personal Assistant idea in their car.

D6. Q3.
A- I would like to have this feature. If BMW didn't offer it, I wouldn't leave BMW.

B- I'm not at a strange in my life where I would want a LR or jaguar. I would consider LR if/when I have children.

C- no app would influence my car purchase

D6. Q4.
I would pay for a personal assistant. I would expect to spend anywhere from $500-$1500. I would not spend more than $1500 though.

D6 Q1- I like the idea of JLR offering the Digital Personal Assistant. It IS on par with what I would expect from the brand. I expect the more luxurious offers to come from Jaguar with Land Rover a close second (Land Rover is like the more rugged sibling but we are a posh lot of rugged siblings). It cements my impression of these brands that they would offer a helpful feature sooner than some other automakers. JLR is not first with every tech but they regularly offer them as a standard before other automakers (my experience only dates back to 2014, though).

I had already mentioned mBrace which I had free for six months and only used it twice to see how it worked. I'm just not that complicated nor is my spouse. In the end mBrace was more about safety issues like accidents late at night in remote areas when you are unconscious and your phone is useless. It would really depend on my driving habits and destinations. Currently I would have kept it at $500.00 annually, but I don't know your tipping point for making it worth your while outside of this feature being the one that sold the car. Even GM has Northstar. It has been my habit for my last 3 cars to have a budget of 3K to 5K on extras I couldn't identify until I looked at the car as well as what I wanted.

D6. Additional questions.
Q1. I would prefer the personal concierge over the digital personal assistance when looking for restaurants, locations, etc. I think it would be more accurate. I would not pay for this service though. I could go with or without this feature.

Belated Happy Birthday Samantha.

D6 Q2- I'm not aware of this feature being offered on any car. I've only heard of digital assistants on mobile phones and in-home devices.

D6 Q3a- Once I learned the system, I could predict becoming dependent on its ease of use. It could detract from another vehicle's appeal. The only other route I'd take if I had to would be the F-Pace so make sure it's on a JLR and I'll be fine.

D6 Q3b- As of today, without having a chance to get hooked on using it, no, a different automaker could not lure me to their car with this feature. Of the features to which I've become accustomed, I haven't heard of another car that can offer as many as I have now at a better price. I'd be hard to sway just to gain a digital assistant.

D6 Q3c- There is no one app that can influence my vehicle choice. I have my preferred music apps and as long as Bluetooth works, I can listen to them in my car. It is always cool to have them integrated but what if you change your mind about the app? What if you have several you'd like. How does an automaker satisfy everyone's streaming tastes? Just make sure that the car can interface with smartphones and let the customer assemble their own preferences.

Q1: I expect both brands to be technologically ahead of most other brands, so yes, I would expect them to be early adopters of a PDA. I consider the brands as equals in the luxury market, just a different ride type (more rugged for Land Rover, and SUVs), so I don;t think I would expect one brand to have it and the other not to. I don't think having it would change my perception of the brands, although HOW it is implemented would. For example, a PDA that used a hybrid model to reach a liver person if the PDA was having trouble would be great. Or, as I have said from the beginning, if it is well integrated with the phone technology I already have.

Q2: I don't know of another brand that offers it, but I expect everyone will in a few years.

Q3a: Though I already think very highly of both brands, having this done well would be influence me positively.

Q3b: I would still consider them even without it, as I can get it through my phone.

Q3c: Not one app in particular, but rather I'd like to see a very tight integration/extension of my phone.

Q4: Tough question. I'd probably out it on par with an upgraded sound system, so maybe $250 - $1,000. I'd also be willing to subscribe to a hybrid model that got me access to a live assistant. Either a monthly cost with up to a certain amount of tasks, or a pay per use model. These "virtual assistants" are available now.

Additional question: I think they both have a place, which leads me to prefer a hybrid model. The concierge's main drawback would be price, but if I could get 80% of things done with a PDA to lower my use of a concierge, that would be a great blend.
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