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Samus Returns wins best handheld game of 2017. More publicity for Metroid the better.

First time I cared about this award ceremony.


Also Legend of Zelda BOTW won GOTY

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Lol exactly
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Do you guys think it would’ve been smart if Nintendo thought of a Mario TV Show first, then a movie?
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TV Show First
Movie First

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A letter to Satoru Iwata made by WoodenPlankStudios
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I got Riiconnect24! Now I can look at the forecast and news on my Wii without using my TV remote.

Only sad thing that my Everybody Votes Channel doesn't work right now, But I'll be patient and try it again tomorrow.

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Even if Nintendo owns one third of Pokémon, I just had to share this.
So this is apparently the plot for Detective Pikachu, with Reynolds doing motion capture for Pikachu. I can imagine him doing those back flips like he did in Deadpool.

"The story is kicked into gear when Smith's character's father is kidnapped, forcing the teen to team up with Pikachu in order to find him," THR reports. "Newton is a sassy journalist who helps them on their quest."

Reynolds work does not stop at the voice of Pikachu, however. The actor will also deliver a motion capture performance according to THR's original report.

Credit goes to

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If Mr. Iwata was still alive, he would be turning 58 years old. :(
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