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On Today's Show:

Guest: Jeff D Brown of the Purple Walrus Press will discuss how the role of Citizen Journalists is critical in today's hyper-media environment. Be sure to tune-into the must listen to, interview.

Independent Underground Radio LIVE Host, Monica RW is an owner/writer for the popular Independent Underground Radio Network brings her researched Independent opinions to the political issues of the day.

With Our SEVENTH YEAR on Blog Talk Radio, syndicated by Tune In, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes, Learn Out Loud and Player FM Networks, Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) have received over 5 Million downloads since 2010!! Call into the show with your thoughts and opinions at 347-934-0185 or tweet us @IURadioNetwork.

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2 October---Monday---9 p.m. eastern
'Progress Toward Democracy'
Brian Stetten welcomes Samuel Ronan, who is running for congress in Ohio's District 1.
A millennial, Sam is working to reform the DNC and offer electoral resources to leftists---
Click for more info----

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"You learn, just as you learn good manners, how to approach things with a certain amount of Diplomacy" ~~~ Robert MacNeil

When you have Kim Jong-un & Donald Trump; 2 impulsive Psychopaths, dreadfully Callow, Egocentrics, and raving stark Narcissists…what can ever possibly go wrong??

Admiration for someone's "Leadership" in the World, should be based on his or her positive accomplishments, not on a person's constant failures in Foreign Affairs throughout the World.
An Administration without a solitary sense of Wisdom or Moral Leadership cannot Lead a Nation…and consequently, because of their actions…cannot ever lead a Free World!

Diplomacy? In the Era of Trump? Where Immorality, Obscenity, crass Disrespect, Bad Manners, and Systematic Hatred reigns supreme?…Diplomacy, like Decorum…is a nasty dirty word in TrumpWorld!

Now, you got two Man-Babies holding pissing contests over waging Nuclear Annihilation. And all just for that ever-present "Limelight"!…they're both passionately in love with themselves, and in love with those Lights & Cameras. And the Notoriety that comes along…no matter whether it's the Fame or the Infamy!

There have been many models studied on ways Thermal Nuclear Warfare might be started...but, in today's world, where nothing is Traditional or Rational? Who would've ever thought both sides would be disputing, who wants to end the World, 1st??

Yes! Both sides are led by Childish, Egocentric, Spoiled Temperamental Brats! Two Big Fat grown-up Bullies, both ironically, with really tiny little hands. And just to think; These whiney little Man-Childs might be responsible for the end of this world!

Both, extremely Immoral, obscene human beings, whom neither of them understands a single meaning of Critical Thinking, nor Logic or Rationality. These two ding dongs? Basically, neither of them knows how to Reason whatsoever! Not good! when these 2 little fat clowns have matching Red Buttons at their disposal!

What civilized people understand and imbecile Trumpers can't ever get it right; If the sh*t ever hits the fan for North Korea, and the United States uses a Preemptive 1st Strike with Nuclear Warheads, the fanatic North will not ever surrender! If death is imminent, they'll simply Nuke neighboring Seoul, South Korea…and maybe Japan…before they're all vaporized together and cease to exist. "We may be Dead, but we still Win...argh"!!
Yea! it's from a little movie that proves; all the Nuclear Power… without an Intelligent Leadership, doesn't really mean diddly squat!

Does anyone know the cost of waging war with North Korea? The Physical and Financial Loss? The tragic death toll in the Multimillions…at least 25 Million in North Korea? and 51.44 in South Korea?
Don't forget, South Korea is among the world giants in the Auto Industry, the Tech Industry, in Commerce, and Banks! Their GDP (PPP) for 2017 is $2,030 Billion!!
It'll be the Crash heard around the World! The Human Loss! and the Collapse of the World's Markets! A financial devastation unequal to anything ever seen before.
The US? what's left of us?'ll take 100 years or more, rebuilding our Society to make America Great Again!

Our problem?...and the World's? that we have 2 Dysfunctional Human Beings!!!

One rules a Country cause he's the 3rd "God" of North Korea, following his Father, Kim Jung-iI (God II), a famed collector of Porno Flicks...and his equally crazy Grandfather, Kim il-Sung, the originator of the horsesh*t tale on how he became Korea's chosen God! This rotund little guy is sure following in the footsteps of a lot of horsesh*t!
The Other? A Bullsh*t Artist, Con-Artist, Liar extraordinaire, incredibly incompetent, and a seriously inept and unqualified Humanoid to lead a Nation!...he's not even qualified to by a Father!

Don the Con is a cheat, who cheated in Politics like he cheats in life…all his life...and had Russia hand him an election, without getting a Majority!
America's Leader is selected by the Majority of the American Voters….technically, he may be a leader in "Name Only" or the Leader of the entire Universe within his own imagination!…but he's not the true Leader of this Nation!
The majority of the United States has already voiced 'that' opinion by who they voted for! And if the Russians did assist this Orange Clown, the legitimacy of the Election is thrown out the window…null and void! Is Trump an Illegitimate President??

When all this drama ends, if he gets his Nuke War? I 'will' guarantee you; a man disguised as a Mexican with a big mustache and a big Mexican hat will start inquiring on a Travel Visa & a one-way ticket to South America...under the name; "D. Drumpf".
All those good so-called "moral" Christians may get their Armageddon opportunity, after all, thanks to their love for an Idiot, who's always full of sound & fury but never actually signifying, absolutely nothing!

America's biggest problem…and complication…in negotiating Foreign Policy, is Donald Trump.
A man who doesn't listen to anyone doesn't take advice from anyone! and who truly believes he's the World's Greatest Salesman!
At least, He's proving one thing; He's the World's Greatest Sucker…a schmuck, who's become the easiest "Mark", World Leaders & Politicos everywhere have to exploit and manipulate to their heart's desire!

And as complications continue to set-in on the negotiation efforts by the most amateurish, unqualified State Department in American History, more complications continue to pile up for the United States…and now, just to pour a 'little' gasoline over the fire?…Vladimir Putin stated Russia will "support" North Korea Militarily if ever attacked in a Pre-emptive 1st Strike.
And recently, told the United Nations he would not abide by their sanctions and continue to export Oil to Pyongyang.
China too offered the same conditions for Military support and also refused to recognize the sanctions. They too will continue to export 'their' Oil to North Korea.

This whole Korean conundrum is what happens when a totally Incompetent President and a totally Incompetent State Dept. takes hold of Foreign Policy. Our Leader and his Crony Sec. of State have absolutely no experience or understanding of International Foreign Affairs, on Diplomatic Engagements and Skills, or how it all works in World Politics!!
Using Military Options cause they exhausted all talks?? BULLSH*T!!

How in the hell can any talks even be held between the Countries involved, if the State Dept...with all the tension of Nuclear War and Armageddon…still has no Ambassador in place in South Korea? Or in China? Or in Japan? And no Undersecretary of State for Asian Affairs?
More than 30 countries still lack US Ambassadors, Embassies under budget, and all running dangerously understaffed!!...and then, you hear the constant hypocrisy of the GOP, always bitching about Benghazi?!?!
The next Benghazi? Any of a couple of Dozen Embassies with no Ambassadors, a very small Budget & a very small Staff!!! all seriousness, God help them!!

As tension grows, the military escalation by Korea and the US continues to grow...and while the tension of Nuclear War spreads around the World...the White House's (actually Rex Tillerson's) official schpiel on their beloved leader was; "Don't listen to what Donald Trump ever says".

Don't listen? don't Listen?? Improvising, or flat out Lies!...Donald Trump simply does not understand or just lacks the knowledge that as President of the United States...anything he says represents America's position, and is taken as his official "word".
He definitely lacks the academic knowledge…or did you really expect Donald Trump to turn into a respected Gentleman, Statesman, and Scholar??
Don't believe what Trump said in the United Nations?...His speech declaring himself "Ronan the Accuser" and threatening a Wrath of Hell on North Korea?
I know what Rex said after another of Trump's Rants, and Mattis made sure to say it after this speech…don't listen or believe Trump.
But, you really got to feel sorry for Kelly. This man can't ever raise his head in public from the shame and embarrassment his boss brings to him! His expressions and body language say it all!

Sorry, Donny! You flunked again in the World of Diplomatic Decorum, Barack Obama you'll never be! nor will you ever reach up to his level.
Which is why You, Sir! are so deeply deeply jealous of 44! Live with it, you can't change reality!

The Man-Baby War of Imbecility that can exterminate mankind.
As rhetoric continues to escalate between these 2 totally incompetent fools, our readiness level is reaching "DEFCON 1"!!...the "Cocked Pistol" is loaded and ready to unload a Nuclear War!

Like Slim Pickens' Wild Ride down the B52's bomb bay doors...I believe that if Trump ever drops his damn's only appropriate, Trump to be 'Forced' to Ride It Down like a Bucking Bronco, and waving a Big Cowboy Hat! Yippy Kai Yay! Motherf*cker!...and Adios, Amigo!!

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"Welcome to Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) - MICHIGAN'S TOP POLITICO PODCAST.

The #1 Progressive Independent Left Politico Talk Show on the Blog Talk Radio Network! Period!

On Today's Show: Host Monica RW is LIVE at Podcast Movement 2017 with a Special 45-minute program covering the latest information on Trump's Questionable Rally In Phoenix, AZ, Why Michiganders Will Need a New License by 2018, former CIA Officer Valerie Plame Wilson threatens to Buy, then Remove Trump Off Twitter and More.

Independent Underground Radio LIVE Host, Monica RW is an owner/writer for the popular Independent Underground Radio Network brings her researched Independent opinions to the political issues of the day."

Charity fraud, Hillary's problems are far worse than her using a private server.

The Clinton Foundation “Clinton Global initiatives” is a massive fraud whose intent is not to reduce the burden on government. A charity per definition is called a “charity” because it does things over and above (in addition to) what governments do in terms of providing a social safety net or for the common good of civil society.

Check out this video wherein investigator Charles Ortel explains this complex fraud:

Here is another u-tube about the same thing.

The Clinton Foundation and others will go to jail for getting a reduced mailing price to use US Postal Service over a number of years. The trusties “Clinton Global initiatives” lied every year and auditors, accounting firms, and law firms enabled this false charity. Lots of people are guilty, not just Bill and Hillary Clinton.


an interesting August 2017 lecture by an economists.

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#MustListenIntoInterview to understand what's going on w/the #FlintWaterCrisis & Recall Effort..... CLICK THE LINK BELOW....
"Detroit's Voice of Progress - Independent Underground Radio Network"

"Welcome to Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) - MICHIGAN'S TOP POLITICO PODCAST. The #1 Progressive Independent Left Politico Talk Show on the Blog Talk Radio Network! Period!

On Today's Show:
Flint Activist, Arthur Woodson will visit IURL to discuss the latest #FlintWaterCrisis information, a citizen-initiated effort to Recall Flint's Mayoral Leadership & Can Flint Residents every trust government again after the water crisis."

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A history of the mafia, the CIA and main stream media

Mary Carter Paint Company, which operated a national chain of paint stores, was to function as a covert CIA money-laundering operation. The company was set up in the early 1950s by then CIA director Allen W. Dulles and Thomas E. Dewey, former New York Governor and two-time Republican presidential candidate. He lost to Harry Truman.

In 1958 and 1959 Thomas Dewey and several associates used CIA funds to buy a controlling interest in the Crosby-Miller Corporation which then merged with the Mary Carter Paint Company, headed by Dewey’s friend James M.“Jim” Crosby. The new concern laundered CIA money for the arming of the anti-Castro Cuban exiles and also launched lucrative gambling enterprises in the Caribbean where the CIA was active, having engaged the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate in plots to topple Fidel Castro. Jim Crosby was an alleged CIA front man.

In 1968, the company changed names, sold the Mary Carter paint business and concentrated on hotels and casinos in Atlantic City and the Bahamas, using the new name of Resorts International. At their New Jersey casino license hearing, Resorts International officials also admitted paying $431,000 that went to Lyndon Pindling, a bribe to obtain gambling rights in his country. This dude was the Bahamas' prime minister.

John Pullman, 67 years old, was the founder of the Bank of World Commerce of Nassau in the Bahamas. According to Life magazine, $10 million in illegal money was laundered thru this bank. ($241 million in 2017 dollars) Pullman once served a prison term for violating US liquor laws and gave up his American citizenship in 1954 to become a Canadian.

CIA officer Paul L.E. Helliwell was part owner of the Bank of Perrine established by Meyer Lansky’s front man John Pullman in 1961 in Key West, Florida. This bank was money laundering cash for the mafia and the CIA," and its sister bank was the Bank of Cutler Ridge. Helliwell had a second Lansky connection as legal counsel for the small Miami National Bank, used by Meyer Lansky. Former OSS officer Edward Philip “E.P.” Barry was Helliwell’s partner in the Florida Bank Shares (a bank holding company) that owned the Bank of Perrine and the Bank of Cutler Ridge. The future CIA director William Colby was the lawyer for Helliwell's covert operation banks. Colby was also the lawyer for the following General who control the loot captured by the US at the end of World War two and not placed into the US Treasury, . Black Eagle fund and the Golden Lily fund (aka Yamashita's Gold
Paul Helliwell would become the primary covert operations banker for CIA setting up in Nassau Castle Bank and then Mercantile Bank and Trust. When Castle Bank needed to be closed, he set up Nugan Hand Bank in Austriala. When the Nugan Hand Bank closed, he helped shift banking operations to Household Bank in Chicago, Illinois and to the notorious BCCI bank. His front man was General Earle Cocke who was an associate of OSS boss Bill Donovan.

General Earl Cocke was a financial advisor to every President from Truman until Cocke's death in 2000. Cocke was also the coordinator for the Black Eagle Fund and Project Hammer, which would be used to buy up Soviet oil and gas resources to be put under the control of Western investors.

General George Olmsted; was another World War Two hero. He became President of a Washington DC based bank holding company known as International Bank, which took over the CIA's Mercantile Bank and Trust in the Bahamas. Under Olmsted's leadership, International Bank sold Financial General Bankshares (FGB) then known as First American, to BCCI.

Future CIA Director William J. "Bill" Casey William Casey in 1945 took over from Paul Helliwell the Secret Intelligence Branch of the OSS in Europe. Casey was DCIA from 1981 to 1987.

George A Doole worked for the CIA from 1953 to 1971 at their company headquarters in Wash. DC. Doole was "a legend" in the CIA for his role in creating and managing the CIA’s front company airline network, organised under the Pacific Corporation from 1959 At its mid-1960s peak this included dozens of airlines, including Air America and Southern Air Transport, and employed nearly 20,000 people and operated around 200 aircraft. Doole so successfully obfuscated the ownership and control of companies and aircraft that even the CIA was unsure precisely how many were involved. Air America and Sea Supply Corporation of Bangkok, a subsidiary of Pacific Corporaton, had their headquarters office in Florida.

In mid-1953 Doole transferred from US Air Force intelligence into the CIA. He was recruited by General Cabell. Doole had served under Cabell while working in the Middle East as chief of estimates for Air Force intelligence.

General Charles Pearre Cabel became Deputy Director of CIA under Allen Dulles. He was forced by President Kennedy to resign, on January 31, 1962, following the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Cabell's brother, Earle Cabell, was Mayor of Dallas when Kennedy visited that city and was assassinated, on November 22, 1963.

Doole formally retired in 1971, after newspaper investigations and Congressional hearings exposed the network, forcing the CIA to sell it off. Doole remained a director of Evergreen International Aviation, which acquired one of Doole's CIA companies, Intermountain Aviation, in 1975. Doole arranged the 1980 charter flight, on an Evergreen aircraft, which took the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, to Egypt.

For my whole 18 paged research paper about the North American mafia and their ties to the CIA and main stream media send me an email at and I will reply with it attached.

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