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+simplesimplicity x Alright, I wrote ONE MORE Wattpad story!

Here's a Chloe-inspired Wattpad story I posted at +allyssa taffe's suggestion:

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Yuus girls

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I'm going to be starting a fanfic/book called "I See The Stars At Night". It's about Chloe. Also, I want your opinion on the cover. Comment down below which one you like better. Cover 1 is the one on the left, and Cover 2 is the one on the right!
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Okay, after some rough things went on with my first chapter, I am allowed to continue this fanfic!
NOTE: Only two chapters of my fanfic will be in Clara's POV. This is one of them.

I See The Stars At Night
Chapter 2
By: Anna Banana
Clara's POV

That's what it felt like.

I didn't know if I was dead or alive.

It felt like I was balancing in between Life and Death.

But every time I tried to get back to life, it felt like there was an invisible barrier I couldn't get through.

The gunshot is still ringing in my ears.

The gunshot.

I am dead.

I turn to Death, not knowing what lay beyond, and continue forward.

And then I see it.

Almost like a light at the end of a tunnel.


Entering Heaven, a flash of white light.

Blinding white light.

I can't describe what is looks like.





"Clara!" All of a sudden I can hear Chloe's cry in my head, and I turn around and try to run back to her.

I can't make it.

Because I'm dead.

That simple fact.

I start to cry.

But stop.

I may have been the baby of the family.

But now, I must be strong.

"Stop It." I say firmly. Wiping away tears. Not knowing if Chloe can even hear me.

I am dead.

But I must stay strong.

I look down, out of heaven and down at the night sky.

And I can see the stars.

And only the stars. As I struggle to stay strong.

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Yay two chapters in one night! (Because I'm bored) if you haven't read the first two chapters, please do so!

I See The Stars At Night
Chapter 3
By: Anna Banana
Chloe's POV
"Stop It." I hear Clara's voice and immediately stop crying.

If Clara is telling me to stay strong.

I must stay strong.

For my mother.

For her.

I pull away from my mother, clearly surprising her.

I stand beside Clara's bed.

And stare at her body.

Her closed eyes.

Her blonde hair.

Her clenched fists.


Clenched fists?

I can see something inside one of them.

"Mom." I gasp in one big startled breath.

I gently unfurl Clara's fist and grab the crumpled up piece of paper that she as gripping.
It says:

She's dead. Thanks to me. The other one's next. Watch your back.

The Organization
The Organization.

I'm so confused.

I collapse on the floor, dizzy.

My mom automatically helps me up and grabs the note.

The color drains from her face as she reads it.

Then it hits me.

' The Other One '

They mean me.

I'm next.

I'm going to end up like Clara.

I start to scream and collapse on the floor again.

I'm supposed to stay strong.

But I can't.

My mom says nothing. But she starts to cry again.

This is too much.

Why is this happening.
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