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This community we shall raid. Day of raiding will be announced later. I need everyone to start making collages for battle plans.

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This cringe contaminates father day. Who is up for a moderate raid?
Happy Father's day everyone !!!

Art not mine

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Oh my god! I must reshare for my safety! Advise you do same! 😱

I'm back!

This place is dead

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Your god has returned! (lol jk guys hows it going through wanna raid somewhere tomorrow?)

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+Snoop God​ I remember and I wanted to bring this up

Remember you wanted to raid this guy. He changed his name. You still have an option.

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Raid this nigger
Just because you apologize doesn't make your actions okay.
I know comparing it to murder is a tad extreme, but if you kill someone you can't just say "oh sorry" and get excused. Even if the apology is genuine ??
You dont have to forgive someone just because they apologize.
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