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Coffee on your lips
Coffee in my eyes.
No wonder I can't sleep at night.

Sugar on my hips
Sweetness in a sip
Love me till the sun shines bright.

Cream coloured skin
The essence of your dreams
Hold me closer and oh so very tight.

Coffee on a stick...

© Lily Kampz 2017


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The Secrets Of Lies

The secrets of lies
Are hidden in sighs
To allow gentle strokes
But rough fingers poke

The sensations of pain
Hearing her sighs again
With ecstasy made fresh
The punishment of flesh

Copyright © Chris Smith 2015 


My Love is like falling asleep
In the comfort of a Church
waiting for Evergreen Arms
finding places where my body fits
Neither concerned with Fish

or Flesh

The sexual dream:

Snatch, pussy upon the silver glass
of illusion
reflections of love wait in the boundaries
of wet fingers
broken hearts lay naked
lost in time and within bare skin
can you see me through
this window pane of nakedness
of a nude suggestion
playing with myself
touch me make me cum
upon the glass slate of love
put your fingers inside me
until i ejaculate my white hot film
for we are trapped
in a stone cold refection
of a forbidden
sexual dream
called love..

- Ken Riccio original poems (c)


Sunday morning suck job

The Sunday morning whores wait
In red lipstick taverns
With punched out ruby cigarettes
In filthy ashtrays
The music plays to dear ears
Oh don't say anything
She's just waiting to
Suck a cock
For a small fee
Or maybe even just a drink of Jack
She catches the eye of a young tanked-up Joe
Sitting at the end of the bar
She notices the Bonner waiting in his pants
She smiles back through yellow alcoholic teeth
She’s old now
40 going on 65
But boy
Can she still suck..

- Ken Riccio original poems ©

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a deadly one from black poets "facebook"
Created By: The Lovely Stacey Bryant & David Motte
I loved you since the first time I met your mind
The first time I laid eyes on the beauty of your soul
The first time your words touched my core... I wanted more I listen to you need that speaks and subtle undertones
I hear the passion that flows freely in your expression
I taste the pleasure of your vision and can smell the aroma of your essence
My every region... Feels you presence
I submerge in the comfort of your tone, as it wraps tightly around each of my senses
Filled with desire igniting intellectual fires causing my body to become inspired... giving my needs everything they require
Without a touch of your hand you caused my mind to expand its plan doing all that it can to understand the true definition.. of a real man
See, mentally you stimulate me and we have a high degree of chemistry which attracts me to you physically and we are engaged in poetry and now I'm asking your ink to marry me so the world can see the capacity that makes you and me... destiny
I loved you since the first time I met your mind
The first time I laid eyes on the beauty of your soul
The first time your words touched my core... I wanted more.
As you yearned for more, I searched deep within to find more and more to give, thoughts of you give my words more and more reason to live, I speak to your core for your existence inspires me more and more.
I breathe in your essence in order to exhale emotions, my heart once laid dormant but you put my feelings in motion with your mental motions, hypnotizing like potions.
You are my evergreen....for no matter the season your beauty gives reason for my anticipation of tomorrow, if only one more hour of time I could borrow, it would mean 25 hours of you. 25 flowers of 25 hues could never compare to the vision within my stare when I picture you.
Yes we are married in poetry, I spoke loudly hoping you would notice me, as we make vows in rhyme we make love in the mind and I....redirect blood flow to southern sections when I feel your poetic injections entering my veins.
I open my core and welcome you to explore....this land of love you have created within me.
I will explore your core taking your emotions to heights they've never been before , causing your angelic wings to soar, leaving you... wanting more
You conquered me mentally now it's time for you to undress me physically so we can find our synergy and release all of this accumulated energy
First, it's time for a demonstration of masturbation stimulating your anticipation of penetration that will lead to.... repeated ejaculation
Then rest your bare chest against my erect breast and let my unique technique freak your physique as you call out my name.. and your knees grow weak
Speak.... to me
As I lick the tip of your dick and you suck my pussy and tease my clit
Passion drips...
Punish this pussy as if it sinned .
Deeper Papi, let me take you all in
But promise to do what you just did to me...again
You're not the average kind that would spit generic lines just for a taste of this sweet behind, because you know that you can grind all the time because our bodies are intertwined.. through are minds
Our souls will then align
And simultaneously we will react.... to the number 69
Muy caliente.. Oh so hot
When I get done with you, you will be calling me... Mrs. Motte
This shit don't ever stop
25 grinds for every 25 lines our 25th position will be you, hittin his ass from behind
Yesterday's pain no longer reigns
Can you feel my intensity flowing through your veins
Wholeheartedly I give you all of me Mentally,emotionally, physically and spiritually
Because your heart was designed specifically for me and where you are is where I'm meant to be
You... are my destiny I've loved you from the first time I met your mind
The first time I laid my eyes on the beauty of your soul The first time your words touched my core.... I wanted more.
You bring out the inner freak in me. As I work your inner workings, your body jerking, your mind cums first then your pussy quenches my thirst as I inhale your essence and swallow your liquid blessing.
Without hands I undressed you as my mouth caressed you. I press your legs into the splits then run my tongue all the way to your clit starting at the top of your ass crack...that's one lick mastery, your sexual master is me.
As you flick your tongue on my magic stick, I sip the drip from your perfect split.....simultaneously it's my mouth your clit....your throat my dick....and as our bodies's delicious.
I call your pussy nutritious. It feeds me what I need. I pamper it, then dismantle it. Destroying your cervix as I serve it with rock hard service. You beg and plead for me to satisfy your promise you deserve it.
So I dig I get deeper the pussy gets sweeter. I must apologize for what I do to your kidneys and liver. Call me Papi as I make your soul quiver.
I have loved you from first taste...
The first time I tasted your mind, body, and soul. I love you to the core of my heart until the end of my existence....I have loved you from the once again, I will taste your every entry.
I've loved you.....since the very first time.
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