Slightly delayed, but a really heartfelt congratulations to Kelly Brinson on passing yesterday, worked really hard and took a while to get there but a brilliant result in the end. Well done you!

Massive well done to Lauren Read passing today. First one in the new car! Yay!! Congratulations on the pass & I'll look forward to seeing you on the road. Stay safe.

And another one bites the dust!! Charlotte Hale, congratulations on your first time pass today, been a pleasure to teach you, massive well done and enjoy the thrill of car ownership.

Keep forgetting about the G+ page!

Congratulations to Connor Sharpe, passing first time today after a lot of work, he got there and so a massive well done indeed! Need to get your brother sorted eventually.

Congratulations to Luke James passing today with 3 driver faults, well done, a brilliant drive and look forward to seeing you on the roads.

"Dum, Dum, Dum, another one bites the dust!"
Yes indeed, congratulations to Matthew Lester, passed today, not the first go but not everyone does but he stuck in there and got the pass in the end. Well done.

Massive well done to Jason Armitage passing on Saturday (yes I forgot to post this), with 5 driver faults. Wasn't the first go but he kept going and refused to give in, congratulations and now I have to find another movie buff to talk to.

Well done to Daryl Anderson passing today with 5 driver faults. Brilliant drive and good luck with the car shopping next week. Congratulations. Just need to get Heather driving now 😉

Well done to Amber Ngo who passed first time today, very good drive, very happy examiner. Congratulations!! Enjoy your time at university.

Massive congratulations to Ashleigh Wing passing today with 3 driver faults. You can have endless fun times on the school run now! 😆
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