Hey guys, i'm making a Stop Motion Q and A video so if anyone has any questions, comment on this post please. (Please have questions).

OMG. I'm sad because now, hardly anyone posts anything in this community. Also, i'm making the second stop motion movie of the great journey. watch part 1 on my youtube channel. i would put the first movie on here but it's 17 minutes long and it won't load on here. My Channel is Willstar123.

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I got my old halo wraith back!
I had one back in 2009 but lost it when I moved to florida

I'm trying to share my stop motion movie on here but its 17 minutes long and it takes too long to download. but can you watch it on my channel? my channel is Willstar123. i have 33 subscribers and the movie is called the great journey.

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It takes more than a few liberties with Halo lore and all a bit silly. Part 2 is on its way.

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Wow, the last time I was posting pictures of this base must've been a year and a half ago! My computer's been broken for ages, so I haven't been updating you guys on my work as of late.
Anyway, I finally realized that using random pieces for the floor and walls looked terrible (made it look more like a clown college), so I completely disassembled the entire thing (other than the Sabre Launch Station) and reconstructed it with grey, black, military green, and grey cement-colored pieces to make it look more realistic. I also constructed a desert outpost from various Mega Bloks Halo sets.
My version of the Armory Warthog is now complete and color-coordinated, my to custom Cyclopses are now on display, one with a full arsenal of weapons and the other with a custom jetpack (made from an ODST Drone set), and I used what parts I could scrounge up to make a sparring arena for my favorite Spartan minifigures (and a couple covenant).
I also made a panning clip for the main base. I found that it would take too many pictures to capture the battle scene even half as well as I did in the vid (which still wasn't spectacular).
I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm actually finished with this base in it's fifth version. Enjoy!
P.S. I apologize for the poor camera quality. I was using the world's worst smartphone camera. It's some off-brand smartphone, but it's all I had.
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An aesthetic trick that is very useful for stop motion films and overall displays with minifigures.
Here's an aesthetic tip that most people don't seem to know about.

When you attach weapons to the backs of Spartans, Marines, Elites, Brutes, and some new Prometheans, there is one special piece that you can use that looks far better than jamming the handle of an Assault Rifle into a Spartan's back. It's this little piece shown below, the little wrench-looking thing.
The piece is fairly common, and can usually be found in armory sets that utilize weapon racks. It works with pretty much any weapon that has a handle, and is aesthetically pleasing when used with nearly all human weapons, some covenant weapons, and a few Promethean weapons.
If you are working on stop motion films, I highly recommend you collect some of these pieces and use them accordingly, as they look more realistic and are fairly easy to find.
(Disclaimer: I have not played any games beyond Halo 4, nor do I own any sets with weapons from the newer games, so I don't know if this still works on the newer weapons or if this piece is any more or less common in the newer sets).
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hi guys. i'm making a halo stop motion of the academy for spartans and i was wondering which set i should buy for it.
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Skirmisher Outlands
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Covenant Drone Outbreak
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snow warthog

hey ya'll, I'm trying to put together noble squad for my collection. but i don't want to have to buy the sets they come in. for example, ive discovered carter and jun are in the newest elephant set, Jorge comes in the drone assault set, emile comes in the mongoose set, kat is in a random figure pack, and noble six is in the gungoose set. but like i said, i don't really want to have to buy all those sets just to put together noble squad. anyone know of a way i can just buy the individual characters? I do already have Kat, Emile, and Noble 6 though.

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