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Interestingly all other #TypeMatrix keyboards I've see have text (words) on the keycaps. eg: email, www, calc, cut, copy etc. My keyboard has images instead. I don't actually know which one I prefer more, but is this just one more difference between a Qwerty layout vs a Dvorak layout TypeMatrix? I bought my TM2030 USB keyboard about a year ago.

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Another nice and detailed review of the #TypeMatrix 2030.

Regarding the rant about the duplicate Fn functionality for Cut, Copy and Paste, please see the video comments - those keys work really well for Dvorak users.

Just read a blog post about someone mentioning [albeit a few years back] that there might be a fully programmable TypeMatrix 2030 version.  Anybody know if this is still in the works? That would be the ultimate keyboard for me - plus way less effort than the Ergodox concept.

Hello everyone

I'm a programmer who's fond of touchtyping and general keyboard efficiency through Vim, Quicksilver and modifying my keyboard layout to move everything as close to home row as possible. I've been reading about the TypeMatrix 2030, and it sounds excellent, so I thought I'd join this group to keep tabs on what's going on. So hey! Looking forward to (maybe) getting one, hopefully after getting a chance to check it out in person :)

I am considering buying a #TypeMatrix 2030. I have been having very minimal wrist pain when typing (standard American keyboard, qwerty) and I want to avoid further problems. My question is this: does the TypeMatrix on qwerty help with that? I am not concerned with typing speed as much as I am with the wrist health, but later down the road I want to try out the TypeMatrix with dvorak. Any thoughts?

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I signed up for an ErgoDox keyboard group buy.  If the group buy goes through (i.e., has enough people signed up) I'll write a review of the TypeMatrix 2020 vs. the ErgoDox.  #keyboard #TypeMatrix #ErgoDox

Hi, I'm a french computer scientist, python-lover. Started using a typematrix keyboard a bit over one year ago, and immediatly learned to type in bépo (french dvorak equivalent) with it, i'm quite happy with the silence provided by the skin, and the nice number of things you can do without moving from the home row, thanks to the large ctrl key, and the fn key, that you can hit with your palms.

I'm 6 feet (183 cm) tall, weigh 320 pounds (145 kg), and have fat fingers for someone of that height and weight.  I've tried using the TypeMatrix 2030 but the bigger TypeMatrix 2020 keyboard is more comfortable for me.  #TypeMatrix

I've been using TypeMatrix keyboards on my work and home computers for many years.  I started with the TypeMatrix 2020 in QWERTY mode (big improvement over anything I've used earlier) and later learned Dvorak (still bigger improvement).  I'm not connected with TypeMatrix in any way except as a very satisfied customer.  #TypeMatrix #QWERTY #Dvorak

I'm interested in buying TypeMatrix 2020 keyboards with Dvorak-only labeled keys.  Apparently the Dvorak-only 2020s are no longer being manufactured.  #TypeMatrix #Dvorak
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