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Catch up with July issue before we go offline at the weekend to compile the August edition

Final call for anyone who would like to design and produce a logo for The Writers Newsletter. In return your accepted logo will appear on all our merchandise with your copyright and you will be eligible for a years free advertising in our classified page. Please contact me for more details.

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I just completed the Trifeta journal's poem a thon = wrote 30 poems in 30 days. here are five for your consideration.

Five Poems


Jake Cosmos Aller


Pane e circus 2017 Redux
Long Live Emperor Donald the Ist
Zombie Apocalypse
Why I am Not a Christian – Easter Thoughts
Suburban Laundromat Blues

Pane e circus 2017 Redux

By order of his excellency
Emperor Donald the First

The merciful,
the Christian King of Kings
The Sultan of Sultans
The Emperor of North America

Be it hereby decreed
That the ancient honorable gladiator games
Of the old Roman Empire
Have been restored

Each city in the Empire will host a team
They will compete for the honor
Of the national championship

The games will start
With fighting animals

Fighting fish
And lions

Then a man lion contest
With a heretic thrown to the lions

If he or she lives
They will be pardoned

Then then main games
Six men/women teams compete

Armed with swords, knifes, mace, clubs
They fight until one man or women remans
The victor of the game

Those who are prisoners
Can compete for their freedom
And a full imperial pardon

Let the games begin
Long may the games reign
In the new North America Empire

Praise be to the Emperor
Donald the First

Long Live Emperor Donald the Ist

Ladies and Gentlemen
My fellow American citizens
Greetings and salutations

Today is a momentous day
The old corrupt USA republic is no more
The constitution that once protected us
Has been overthrown and violated

The barbarians at the gate
Have taken over

And ruined the once great land
The last hope of the world

And so, I had no choice
But to kill the old rotten regime
And restore American greatness

To save democracy
I must destroy it

And so, starting today
I will serve as the Emperor of North America

I welcome Canada and Mexico
And the Caribbean islands
To join The North American Empire

As we rebuild America
Restoring American greatness
And making us all proud again

Proud subjects of the New American Empire
May the Empire reign forever and a day
Triumphant against all enemies

And so, I take this burden
Sadly, but gladly

I will serve you
As your Empire

And my son Donald
Will serve as our second emperor
Once I pass from this world

His son will serve as the third emperor
And so on until the end of time

And we will reign in our new capitol city
Colorado Springs
Until the end of time

Washington will remain in our hearts
As the capitol of the old Republic

But the heirs of the Roman Empire
Need a new Imperial Capitol

And soon we will conquer Mars
And expand our Empire to the Starts

Long Live the Empire
Long Live America

Good night
And may God Bless
This great Empire

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

Everywhere zombies galore
The end of the world had become
And the zombification of the world had begun

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

No one knew when or where the first zombies appeared
One moment zombies were just a collective figment of our deranged imagination
The next moment we were all living in a zombie apocalypse nightmare

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

Some said the zombies were created in a lab
Released by mad scientists and the military
Others said it was plague sent by God himself
To punish mankind for tolerating evil and moral depravity

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

The Christians and Muslims prayed
But their prayers went unheard
As they too soon became zombies

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

The zombies hunted in packs
Overwhelming their victims
Killing most instantly
But some they simply bit
And turned them into fellow zombies

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

The zombies did not attack one another
They preferred living live flesh
Human flesh but they ate everything they saw

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

And so, I ran into the countryside
With my fellow humans
Hit out deep in the woods
Hiding from zombies
And crazed cannibal gangs alike

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

The world ended that day
And our nightmare world began

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies ahead of me
Zombies behind me

Why I am not a Christian Easter Thoughts

On Easter Sunday, I often think about Christianity
I don’t understand why anymore would believe such nonsense

The essential story makes no sense
An imaginary all powerful deity that no one has ever seen or heard
Except for psychotic patients or Drug users
Comes down to earth and impregnates a married woman

Who has never had sex for some reason
And her husband is okay with that
Believes her wild story

And still does not have sex
Until after the baby is born

Then there is total silence
Nothing about Jesus’s childhood

30 years later he emerges
Preaching love, peace and brotherhood
And denouncing the corrupt temple leaders
And the Jewish leaders as well

The miracles also don’t make any sense
In the real world, you can’t turn fish into bread
Can’t walk on water
Can raise the dead etc. etc.

Just does not happen
In the world, we live in
And has not happen since those ancient days

Then the last supper makes some sense
Jesus knows he is about to be betrayed

But he does not confront Judas
Does not run away
Does not encourage his disciplines
To run away with him

The whole Jesus Mary M story
Also, does not make sense

Jesus must have been married
Or he was gay

There is no doubt
Either way the story makes no sense

The crucifixion is the only part of the story I buy
Jesus was put to death because he was a rebel leader

And the Romans tolerated no dissent
To the Roman’s right to conquer and rule

The rising from the dead stories
All contradict one another

And Jesus was either walking as a normal human being
Or was a ghost

The door was rent open as if by lightening
Or not

Finally, we have been waiting over 2,000 years for his return
You would think if the story is remotely true
He would have turned up by now

Except he has
As many lunatics claim to be Jesus
in the flesh

all delusional of course
and that is what I think of Christianity

nothing but fairy tales and mass delusions
surrounding a kernel of truth

Love one again
Treat each other right
Don’t be consumed with greed

But couldn’t that message
Be made simpler
Without all the associated nonsense?

So, on this day I say
Open your minds

And discard the nonsensical elements of Christian thought
And follow the true teachings of Jesus
Even if you don’t believe in the imaginary man in the sky

Suburban Laundromat Blues

Suburban laundromat
Anywhere USA

I often go to a suburban laundromat
Near my suburban apartment
I can sit in my car

Listen to jazz, classical or blues
On my car’s radio

And watch my machine
Doing its suburban laundry duty

Just spinning and spinning and cleaning
Doing its thing its laundry thing

The neighborhood is anywhere USA
Strip malls, apartment houses, townhouses
A fire station, a police station

Banks, cell phone shops
Restaurants from around the world

At the parking lot’s edge
As I approach I notice

Gentlemen of the off-grid class
Sitting among their Hogs
Stoned off the semi legal weed
Smiling at me
With an I don’t give a fuck attitude
That is somewhat contagious
They tell stories
Paranoid ramblings
Containing a kernel of truth

As they watch their clothes
Like a hawk

The clothes spin and spin and spin
As the laundry machine does its laundry thing

The machines don’t care about what we humans think
They just do their duty as the man says

Across the old run down boulevard
The light rail line uses a right of way
That dates to the mid 1850’s

An old Indian game trail perhaps
That the white man turned into the first road
In these parts

People come and go
Some in cars
Some on foot

People from all over the world
Speaking languages from everywhere
But all understand English to some extent
And many understand Spanish to some extent

I feel everyone is united
Chiefly by their transience

And think back on old Latin saying
Sic transit Gloria mundi
And wonder if these are the end days

And ask the laundry machine
What does it think

The laundry machine pauses
Seems to think
And looks at me

Almost saying
WTF do you think
A laundry machine knows?

And so, I gather my items
Nod to the regulars

Who interrupt their endless paranoid arguments
Acknowledging my existence

And I stumble back
To my suburban apartment
Truly paradise on earth

Are you a script writer? have you written a play? Do you coach writers in this discipline? There is still room for an article on this subject for the March issue of The Writers Newsletter. Please message me if you would like to contribute.

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