Another group raised the question of using Create Space for Amazon distribution of paperbacks and also use Ingram Spark for all the other distributions streams like B&N etc. because Indie bookstores will order though IS but not CS. Does anyone have any experience with this strategy to get into bookstores?

Has anyone in this group heard of I looked the website over and it seemed like another possible place to list our Indie books, blog posts and reviews. I wondered if anyone has tried it yet. . .

Has anyone used a service or template for book formatting? My first thought was this is great for writers who don't want to design, since it is a lot of work. Then I started thinking - is this just one more gimmick? We are already bombarded with so much abuse, and everyone seems to want to fleece our pockets....

I just noticed that the new Nook has book templates & offer cover design too - just add photography ( see link) This seems very similar to the templates being sold by The Book Designer Joel Friedman. I know that Joel's work and advice to Indies is solid - just wonder where Nook stands - anyone have experience with them? Are they helpful or scamming?

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For those who enjoy the complete writing experience using the typewriter but still need to submit html content :)  This is legit

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Since so many in this group have Facebook pages I thought this info from Penny would be helpful. Maybe we should all create a list on our own page called Indies Unlimited or IU and add each others pages to the list.

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Always a lucky day for me - I got a message from a woman in AZ who sent a note that she read my book and liked my story.  Always a good thing to hear.   How about YOU?  Is Friday 13th lucky for you!  Tell us....

Quick note - check to see if you have the notifications turned on- it's to the left. Seems simple, but I forgot to set it to ON so maybe others too.

So! Happy Sunday night (urgh...). How's everybody's weekend been going? I spent yesterday editing and making a video trailer for my WIP.

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Another article about the Hatchet scenario via +Bob Mayer 
He points out something some forget - the importance of owning your own work. Another reason Indie publishing is a blessing.
Happy Friday

Great idea! Hello, everyone. Lynne, thanks so much for setting this up and for the useful blog post yesterday. Glad to be here. 
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