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New secret real estate technology. In this article, I reveal how home sellers are being taken advantage of using old real estate technology, the proof and how to prevent it. This article is for the benefit, of homeowners who are selling their home or thinking about selling their home.

To keep this article short I will deal with why it is not wise to sell your home fast, why a longer marketing process means a higher price to you, and never agree to sell your home to a neighbor, co-worker, or relative in a 'Sellers Market'.

In a 'Sellers Market,' there is a shortage of homes for sale and an abundance of buyers. Buyers are hunting for fresh new listings and attending Open Houses in record numbers.  Sellers beware of a predator buyer who might knock on your door to see if you are interested in selling. They want to buy your home for a quick profit without competing with real buyers. The real estate market has a skimpy supply of homes that are selling in days. Sellers are receiving ten or twenty offers from qualified buyers writing non-subject offers at full price and higher.

Losing is painful and requires a timeout from the home buying process.  Most of them will come back refreshed and more determined than ever.

Use the buyer's agony of defeat, and looking for the thrill of victory to your target benefit.  Make them your target buyer.  Put your neighbors, relatives, co-workers, and friends offer on the back burner for 30 days. 

Think of your home as a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies.   The more time you give the aroma to work its magic the more people it will reach in distant locations.  This takes more than a week! 

The benefit should be a 'Bidding War' with offers exceeding your imagination.  

This is an issue in your current 'Sellers Market' with high buyer demand and few homes for sale.  Buyers must compete with 100's of local, international and out of town buyers to buy your home.  Two caveats, before local, international and out of town buyers can compete for your home they must know it is for sale and have time to respond. So 'Pre-Market' your home, let buyers know it is coming on the market. Ideally, you want to have buyers waiting for your 1st open house.

Your open house must be advertised via email, MLS, and newspapers. We tell buyers on day one of the pre-marketing what day and time the open house is that we call 'Opening Night'. We man 'Opening Night' with 3 Realtors and advertise it as catered. Our 'Opening Night' draws a lot of buyers so parking needs to be taken into consideration. Buyers might not get out of their car if they have to park two blocks away so make it easy for them.

If you want details on how to pre-market your home give Harvey McCallum a call or text at 604-722-0002 at Team 3000 Realty.
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